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Zenith Probiotic Fiber – for a healthy you

Zenith Nutrition has a varied range of supplements, that we can safely include in our daily regime. One such great addition would definitely be Probiotic Fiber because of its many benefits. We were sent this dietary supplement for review, and we have been loving the fact that we have included it in our daily regime.. Read on, and find out more about this amazing supplement.

Zenith Nutrition Probiotic Fiber:

Why Probiotic Fiber?

Probiotics help in minimizing gastric issues, and also aids and digestion. In other words, it is a natural way to eliminate gastric issues, by helping in balancing the intestinal flora, and introducing healthy bacteria for easy digestion. Probiotics also help in treating irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids and diabetes. It has also been known that regular intake of probiotics can help in minimizing chance of cancer of the colon, help with blood pressure and also reduce infections in the body.

PRICE: INR 910 for 120 Capsules

Claims:  Helps maintain healthy digestive system, Improves GI Immunity

Dosage: 6 Capsules daily or as suggested by the Physician, I take two in a day, and it looks like it does work for me 🙂

Ingredients : The ingredients present in this product include Apple pectin, Oat Bran, FOS, L.Acidolphilus, Bifidobacterium.

Who can use it? : People dealing with Irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, hemorrhoids, people looking for healthy way of weight loss can use these capsules.

Mommy Likes: 

  1. the capsules are vegetarian
  2. Easy to swallow
  3. no taste
  4. Can be dissolved in water, if you have problem ingesting the capsules
  5. NO Gluten, fish,  sugar, salt or color.

Mommy Dislikes:

  1. Available online

Mommy Verdict: This is an ideal supplement for people who face gastric issues on a regular basis. I would still advise everyone to take a doctors opinion before using the product.

Mommy Rating: 4.3/5


P.S: PR Product sent for review, but opinions expressed are 100% original after trying the product for a minimum of 15 days and more. 

9 thoughts on “Zenith Probiotic Fiber – for a healthy you

  1. I have used other supplements from Zenith and I absolutely loved them. Haven’t got the chance to try this one as I didn’t know much about probiotic fiber. They have so many advantages. I will try them soon.

  2. Probiotic supplements are so essential especially in holiday season where we are eating out so often and generally the balanced diet goes for a toss… Zenith is a great brand with such an amazing range of products.. Thanks for sharing one more of their awesome products

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