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Worth The Hype? – Greenberry Organics Mud Ash 3-in-1 Face Care Review and Swatches

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The Mud Ash cleanser has been doing the rounds on social media so much lately; it was difficult to ignore it!! My Instagram feed was bombarded with reviews of this baby, I couldn’t help but head to different blogs to find out what this actually is and why people are drooling over it! Every blogger had only good things to say about this product and this was literally flying off the shelves on Amazon, I had to try this out no matter what, and made an impulsive buy about two weeks ago, this is what I feel about the product:

Price: INR 499 for 100 gms

What the company claims:

  • An AYURVEDA based modern apothecary blend of SEVEN unique NATURAL compounds including Kaolin clay, Bentonite clay, Aloe Vera Extracts, Tea Tree Oil, Charcoal Extracts and Chamomile Extracts
  • Powerful cleanser with up to 40% activated charcoal for deep cleansing. Removes blackheads and white heads, cleans pores and leaves the skin soft and spot free.
  • To be used as per directions only – 30 seconds’ cleanser, 1 minute scrub and 3 minutes mask. Due to affluent herbal and natural ingredients, the product may cause slight irritation to some. Patch test is recommended.
  • Kaolin and Bentonite clay effectively heals the oily skin and removes dirt and blackheads present on Facial skin | Aloe Vera Extracts soothes the skin | Tea Tree Oil is rich in anti bacterial and anti-fungal properties protecting the skin for all the odds | Charcoal acts as a powerful natural adsorbent | Chamomile extracts relaxes the facial skin | Perfect for Normal to Oily skin in all weathers
  • Best recommended for daily clean up and weekly facial scrubbing exercise | Effectively delivers over continuous usage | NOT RECOMMENDED FOR DRY & SENSITIVE SKIN

My take on the product

To get started with, the Mud Ash 3-in-1 cleanser as the name suggests works as a face cleanser, a scrub and a mask all in one, who doesn’t love multi-tasking!? The brand has made sure to incorporate only 100% natural ingredients in their skin-care line to ensure that everything that is going into your skin is completely safe! The ingredient list is to die for- Bentonite clay, Kaolin clay, tea tree, activated charcoal, and aloe Vera- all ingredients that are excellent to help you achieve that gorgeous skin!

The product is packed in a transparent plastic jar with a black screw lid, which is tight enough to be carried around in your bag; added protection is a plastic plate that prevents any spilling out! The sticker has all details regarding the product mentioned! It is a nice sturdily packed jar which also helps you keep track of the amount of product you have used up; so you can have back-ups before you are done with the product! However, jar packaging doesn’t appeal me!

On opening the jar, the first thing that strikes you is the no-so-pleasant charcoal-y/tea tree smell, which is not quite pleasing to my schnozzles! However, I don’t mind sniffing it in as long as the product is working on my skin and giving it the desired results! The 3-in-1 cleanser is grey in color that looks like mortar, with a grainy texture, just like majority of clay masks! It has really finely milled granules, which exfoliate the skin nicely without being too harsh on the skin, however, the product must be used according to what the company says, as going overboard may cause dry skin issues! Thirty seconds as a cleanser, a minute as a scrub and about three minutes as a mask!

The timing might look a little too less, and you may wonder if this will work in such a short span? The natural ingredients that the product contains are super powerful and go down skin deep in the shortest amount of time revealing skin that is clean and clear! The Mud Ash 3-in-1 cleanser started to show results from the first use itself! I could see those tiny bumps that “you-cannot-see-but-are-there” slowly going down and the texture of my skin looked so much better as well!

After using this product for a good two weeks, I can vouch that it really works on pimples and breakouts revealing a clearer complexion! Using the Mud Ash cleanser gives me that spa like feeling at home, and the best part- it takes less than 3 minutes to work its magic!! You could use it post cleansing out your make-up and it will take away all the dirt and grime settles down in your pores leaving your skin squeaky clean and imparting a natural healthy glow! Always make sure to moisturize your face after you use this product!

Overall Verdict: I have been obsessing over the Mud Ash cleanser every since I laid my hands on it, all thanks to all the wonderful things it’s doing to my skin! I have definitely noticed a drastic change in the way my skin looks and feels! It’s a Genie in a jar catering to all your skin needs! It clears out pimples, works on blemishes and imparts a healthy glow! I highly recommend this to all you ladies out there! It is definitely worth all the hype! Given a chance I would rate it 15/10, this is a boon for women with an acne-prone skin!

Mommy Likes:

  1. Nicely packed
  2. Contains natural yet powerful ingredients
  3. Vegan
  4. Cruelty free
  5. Is a multi-purpose product
  6. Clears out pimples
  7. Adds a healthy glow
  8. The jar will last you a long time
  9. Doesn’t take a long time to work its magic
  10. Your very own home-spa
  11. Lives up to the claims

Mommy Dislikes:

  1. Available online
  2. The scent bothers me, maybe it’s just me!
  3. If not used according to what the company suggests, causes extreme dryness!
  4. Is a bit pricey
  5. I don’t like jar packaging

Mommy Rating: 5/5

28 thoughts on “Worth The Hype? – Greenberry Organics Mud Ash 3-in-1 Face Care Review and Swatches

  1. I used it like thrice. 1st time had wonderful experience and the other 2 times it made my skin worse literally oily skin was dry 🙈 I dunno wat happened but spoke wid the team on insta too. They said maybe you are allergic to some or the other ingredient. After that I never opened the bottle. Although I loved each n every review on this. U’ve written it so well. Maybe my skin acted weird 😩 at some point and experienced this. Otherwise it’s a perfect product

    1. My sister had some breakouts after using this product, maybe something she is allergic to! But I guess it will be different if she uses it often.. I still insist that she does, so that it works for her..

  2. I’ve been seeing this everywhere online. So this is really worth all the hype! Then I will get it too, it sounds too good to be ignored. Loved your detailed review 🙂

  3. 100% natural ingredients <3 <3 <3
    sounds like dream come true
    heading over to Amazon to buy right now !

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