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Winter is Here – Labeled has you sorted!

With the winters slowly embarking upon us, we need to get our kids wardrobes sorted at the earliest. Heavy sweaters are so not preferred because they tend to make our children uncomfortable. What I swear by is layer clothing so that the warmth can be adjusted during the warm days and colder evenings. I have been a fan of the clothing that labeled kids has been featuring and have picked out quite a few of the clothes that I can easily layer with and help my kids stay comfortable.

Being a shopaholic, I tend to get overboard with buying from Labeled kids as there is not only comfort and style – there is also some nice european brands and amazing combo deal offers that you wouldn’t mind availing, since more is less. Don’t we always fall short of clothes for the little ones ?

I make the most out of by indulging in some fine clothing for my kids at best prices. Since it is getting a little chilly, I decided that I should buy some full sleeve T-shirts for my youngest daughter, who is 3, and is very fond of clothes, especially dresses. Now I had already bought a dress for her from Labeled Kids which she is really fond of but this time, I needed something that would be ideal for this changing weather. So I picked out these two combos deal offers for her, which was a cherry on the top.

What I like about these two T- shirts is that both of them are awesome brands! PLUS i scored these in an awesome deal offer ! I got these two for INR 750 which for me, is a good price for these European Brands ! One set of shirts is by KIABI, and other set of shirt is F&F and OVS.

For my oldest daughter, who is Nine,  I picked up two leggings, one because I loved, the second one was suggested by my dear friend Shrddha, who does love to give her total dedication and expertise while we select  clothes. Also there was this awesome pink Peplum Tunic, full sleeve and very comfortable that I really liked and, picked for my daughter.  The price of the leggings from a great brand was Rs 350 and the Gymboree Top costed me Rs 495.

For my son, I picked a full sleeve T-shirt at Rs 450 from another irresistible brand. Although his cupboard is overflowing with clothes, the varied collection at Labeled Kids makes me want to go ahead and buy some more.  This T-shirt says “Dangerously Handsome” and my son now loves to wear this more than anything else.

As a mother, I always look for great deals on the internet. Buying branded clothes is just so not reasonable when you actually visit these stores, but with Labeled Kids, I am at ease that I am buying great clothes at value for money! Every one’s hard earned money should be spent wisely, and when buying for kids, we tend to go over board a bit, but I feel that even if you go overboard when buying at Labeled Kids, you know that you have actually paid a good price for the things you bought. These are quite fair in terms of quality and price.

Each clothing is well displayed, with all the essential shots in a very professional manner and all the necessary details and labels listed out clearly. You are provided with prompt answers to any and all questions you may have about any products you want to choose.

Personally, I love how well Shrddha interacts  with her customers. This is why I keep going back to her page to buy more and more.

I am happy that there are so many new range of clothes that are now becoming a part of the Labeled Kids. If you really want to buy great products at reasonable price, head over to their Facebook page and Join their e-boutique  to check out GREAT deals.

27 thoughts on “Winter is Here – Labeled has you sorted!

  1. Dear Bushra

    We at Labeled Kids value your love and support. Accept our Gratitude for penning down a Mother’s experience in such a simple way. We strive hard to “Make Mama’s Hearts Happy”. Lots of love goes into these looks from Labeled Kids. We bring essential and indispensable branded clothing and Maternity Wear at best prices. Our team is dedicated to offering our customers the best prices when it comes to fashion.

    We love being your Baby’s Personal Shopper !! Hoping to assist you soon.

  2. Loved these pretty and comfy looking outfits. Those christmas Penguins looked so cute, perfect festive feeler with a pinch of winters.

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