Unboxing the December GloBox!

Hello Gorgeous Ladies!

I got my hands on the December Globox yesterday. I was excited because I kind of assumed that since its the end of the year and that there are lots and lots of offers, giveaways, gifts etc., that are happening everywhere, I thought Globox would be special too. I am not saying I am upset with the box.. It’s just that I expected a lot more this month.. Anyways… let’s get to the Unboxing now..

The products I got this month are:

  • Revolution Iconic Lipstick Somewhere Out There : (INR 600 – for 3.2g)
    I get excited when I get a lipstick. But this is just not my shade. It is an awesome shade, let me tell you, but I never experiment much with such shades. On swatching, I found that this shade is a nice orange.. but my pigmented lips will not do justice to this shade. So this shade is not for me..

  • MUA Wine Liner :(INR 240 )
    I have barely used any other colour on my eyes, except for black and I used turquoise.. I am looking forward to trying out this wine shade. Although it can also be doubled up as a good lip liner too.. Let me experiment and see.. I love the colour!
  • Ethicare Akmasq Pimple Care: (INR 199 for 75g)
    The monthly questionnaire came up, and I did put up acne and blemishes as my top concern this time. So I am glad I was sent this pimple care product. Now this product claims that it “Clears Pimple, Purifies, Rejuvenates and Lightens skin :). The ingredients are awesome! The key ingredients are Tea Tree Oil, Chandan, Turmeric, Pro-vit B5, Cucumber.. All amazing for the skin.. I will definitely try this and let you know how this has helped my skin. Thumbs up for this product!
  • Bio Bloom Lavender Soap: (INR125 for 100gms)
    The whole box was smelling heavenly all thanks to this Lavender soap! Bio Bloom is amazing! It has a wide range of organic products. It was provided to me for Skin Nourishment this month. This soap can do me good, with the weather drying up my skin! I love the smell, and I love the fact that it is handmade!
    This month again, I was given two samples from Tea Treasure – The Minty Fusion and Slimming Tea. I guess even Globox now know I am battling with weight issues, so is providing me with samples to get back in to shape.. time to get back to the Zumba I had been enjoying past couple of months!

    Subscription boxes are amazing! I love how every month each one of us Subscription box addicts look forward to discovering new products and experimenting with them. Globox does a great job in providing us with quality products.. I wish though they were more options to update the preferred shades.. the small box in the end, will not hold my list 🙁

    Overall, I find the December box so-so. I am happy about the liner, and the pimple care product. I just wished I had a different shade of lipstick.. Either way, I love Globox!


4 thoughts on “Unboxing the December GloBox!

    1. Hey Sonali! Thanks for stopping by! Its a great buy if you want to get full sized products in both make up and skin care!

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