Unboxing GloBox – June

So, this is the first anniversary box of Globox and I am glad that they have completed a successful year! I prefer Globox over other subscriptions for the mere fact that we are given full sized products and guaranteed savings at that!

The plus is always getting introduced to new brands and new products.. and the only drawback is that you tend to get a previous product. Especially the one that you did not like!

This month I have made a saving of about INR 1114 and the total value of the products I received is about INR 2063

  1. Splurge Almond Oatmeal Scrub (50gm – INR440)

    My concern always are the blemishes that refuse to part ways with me. I have tried everything under the sun to get rid of them, so far nothing really worked.. so this time I got this Splurge Almond Oatmeal scrub, which has key ingredients Sandalwood, Neem leaf, holy basil, camphor and fullers earth, and other ingredients include Sweet Almond powder, oats powder, Gram flour, cornstarch, nutmeg, walnut shell, among the many others which I hope can help me with these blemishes..

  2. Bio Bloom After Bath Oil Basil Lavender (100 ml – INR 499)

    This is the second time I have got this same bath oil. I was kind of hoping to get something else. This is one product I really didn’t like the first time basically because I felt more of the smell of ground nut oil more on my skin than lavender. Must have worked otherwise for other people.. but for me it wasn’t a great product. The ingredients include Sesame oil, basil leaves, saffron and hibiscus flower, sunflower oil, groundnut oil jojoba oil basil and lavender essential oil.

  3. MCaffeine Fresh Pop Caffeine Face Wash (150ml – INR 449)

    I am loving everything Mcaffeine. Last month I had received a beautiful body wash, and this time a fresh pop caffeine face wash. I cannot wait to try this out. The product is parben free and is filled with goodness of aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Am I the only one obsessing over how cute the pump bottle is?
  4. MIYO OMC! Eye shadow Vanilla Shade 04 (INR 450)

    This is a good addition to my ever growing make up collection. This is a great base shade for the eyes. Although I am not very good with makeup, I think I might ask my sister to help me out with creating some good look with this eye shadow.
  5. Tvakh C-Ester Lip Lightener (5 gms -INR 225)

    Everyone could use a lip balm in the coming monsoon season. I for one am happy that this lip balm claims to be a lip lightener!! The ingredients include Vitamin C, Moringa Oil and Licorice Extracts, which helps in lightening, provides SPF protection and nourishment to the lips! I have had an upper pigmented lip so I have wanted to get lighter, pinker lips for quite some time. And the brand being Tvakh, I love Tvakh products! so, will get back to you whether of not this has made any difference what so ever for my pigmented lips!

  6. A key-chain and a post-it pad –

    Being the anniversary month, GloBox has sent a pretty key chain and a post-it pads! It is a cute gesture I would say.

    Overall verdict : Being the anniversary edition, I had hoped for more excitement. The only option I loved more this month was that GloBox was offering a BYOB option (Build Your Own Box) . DO check out their website for more information on this.

42 thoughts on “Unboxing GloBox – June

  1. I love subscription boxes and it’s great that India is seeing a boom of subscription boxes now! Will recommend this subscription to my mother who loves skincare products!

  2. Subscription boxes are always full of surprises, sometimes good but most of the time not so good, that’s what my experience has been.

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