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Top 6 Essentials for a Toddler

New parents put in all their efforts while stocking up their homes in expectation of their bundle of joy! They ransack the internet for all the items they might need, carefully going through the safety guidelines and the current recommendations for all types of baby gear available in the market! Then suddenly, a few months later, that tiny newborn with a completely stocked nursery turns 18 months with changing needs and parents do not have much access to information for toddlers while there is a wealth of information rotating around the net for newborns! ; don’t worry if you are struggling with the same, as we have you sorted as we give you a lowdown of Top 6 essentials for a toddler, which will practically save your life!!

  1. High Chairs and Cutesy Tableware: If you have not invested in a high chair yet, it’s time you get going! Get one with detachable trays so it’s easier to clean the mess up, obviously because little kids are messy eaters especially when they are just starting out to master the spoon eating skills. It can also be easily adjusted to your dining tables.  Meal time shall be made fun, and what better than investing in tableware designed especially for toddlers? It makes your kids look forward to eating, as the cartoon prints and bright colors attract them and it is less likely that the tableware will get thrown off the high chair due to the appealing design! Your child will surely enjoy their meal time in their high chair when they have their own set of forks, spoons, plate and a sippy cup! 
  2. Oral Hygiene : With everything else, I believe oral health is of prime importance and we should make sure we introduce brushing as soon as the first teeth come in. The market is flooding with sooo many options, just take your time and understand what works better for your child.
  3. Potty Seats/ Potty Training Books: When your child is growing, it’s good that you introduce them to potty training at an earlier age and books are such a great way for them to learn new skills. It reinforces concepts and models behavior and when your kid sees his favorite cartoon character going potty, he will too! Potty seats give them a special place to potty; you could opt for a child size potty, a free standing one or just an attachment over your regular potty seats! You can also use disposable potty seat covers to ensure the hygiene when you’re out travelling with your little ones. You can buy such potty seat covers and many other travel baby essentials from Shoppers Stop.
  4. Blocks: One of the best ways for a toddler to pass time has to be building blocks! They come in different sizes, patterns, colors and have the ability to keep the child occupied for hours at a stretch. They use their imagination to create something, break it apart and build something new again; it is a great way to get your child’s creative shoes on. The best part, they divert the child from screen time, and require no batteries whatsoever!
  5. Baby Carriers:  A baby carrier is always going to be your best friend irrespective of how old your child is, they make your life so much easier, as they give you the comfort of carrying your baby whichever way you want i.e. on your hip, front facing or on your back and are the perfect choice for everyday use. A full buckle carrier is ideal for a toddler and the best one out there has to be the “SUMAC” from “Soul Slings”!
    It has an ergonomic design, with soft padding that provides comfort to the baby. The light weight nature of the carrier makes it easy to carry around in your diaper bag, as it sits there nice and compact, the checkered red and blue print is eye-catching and I love how well it has been designed keeping both child’s and parents comfort in mind! The adjustable bands allow you to adjust the carrier according to your baby’s comfort and the padded shoulder straps give you a soft cushiony feeling, which does not weigh your shoulders down! Baby carriers are definitely one of the best things you can have for your child, as it gives you the ease to bond with your baby without having to hold them and gives them the snuggly comfort they need just by popping them in that pouch! Soul Slings does offer some amazing choices, you must definitely check them out for different variants of baby carriers, colors and patterns! Buy here

So, what does your list of essentials include? Which of the above mentioned top 6 essentials for a toddler is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! J


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31 thoughts on “Top 6 Essentials for a Toddler

  1. I feel baby carrier is one of the revolutionary product. I think it combines the traditional and modern ways to wear a baby most of the times while keeping the parent comfortable.

  2. Potty seats are very good option to train the kid initially and make the process interesting for the baby too. Baby carrier is also a very useful product. For sure important essentials in todays world.

  3. Wow! Potty training via books! I never had this idea! It is amazing! And the disposable potty covers are really essential while travelling!

  4. We purchased booster seat, pram and baby carrier as we are frequent travelers and these were out basic necessities with a baby

  5. Other than baby carriers, blocks and oral hygiene products potty seats are most essential. They help in teaching proper toilet manners and importance of hygiene.

  6. Now when I am giving potty training to my little one ..this potty chair is really helpful!! Your list brings so much handy help in selection

  7. Yes this list is absolutely essential for a proper care and development right from day 1. Baby carriers become essential when baby’s age crosses 7-8 months.

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