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Top 10 Gift Ideas For Parents This Children’s Day!

When we have children, we have an entirely new experience making way for us, a new pool of emotions which overflows with love for that bundle of joy and a lot more feelings like worry, fascination, fear and stress tagging along!! Parenting is definitely one of the most challenging jobs ever and with the changing generation, the parenting patterns have changed too!!

Parents have become extremely competitive and dedicated towards turning a child into a successful “something” over the years!! However, parents often forget that they are taking away all the fun and mischief out of the childhood by burdening their tiny shoulders, which is probably too much for them to handle!! The real fact is- you love them too much to express! But, the fear of society pulls you back from doing things for your child! Why? They are your kids, shouldn’t they experience the freedom to choose what they want, to play, to eat, to watch cartoons, just the way we had the liberty to, why shall their noses always be dug into books or doing things that probably do not interest them??

To all the parents out there, lets make a move to show our children how much we love them, because it will not be too long before they don’t fit in our arms and you will wish for this time to come back! Children’s day is right around the corner and as parents we need to be making this day special for our little ones. Let it not be just a occasion at school or Jawaharlal Nehru Ji’s Birthday, lets turn it into a day our child looks forward to every year!

Let’s be SANTA PARENTS without CHRISTMAS TREES and brighten up those cute little faces with smiles!! So, here is a list of 10 best gifts for childrens day to make your choices easier!!

1. Jars of Love: Children love to be loved and encouraged and what better way to show them than dropping in hand written notes of encouragement or things that you love about your child or throwing in your favorite picture of them with you in a mason jar or jam bottles nicely decorated with ribbons, candy and confetti! Those little words mean the world to your little ones!!

2. Fancy Dress Costumes: Pretend play is probably every child’s favorite where they get to play the role of their favorite cartoon characters like Elsa, Spiderman, Superman or even Snow White! You could get yourself a costume too, just to give your child a playful company, they will surely have a great time!

3. Movie Tickets: Cartoons are ever-green and cartoon movies are something children look forward to as it is an entirely new experience on the Big Screen, everything seems bigger, better with some cheese popcorn!

4. Handmade Cards: Cards are so thoughtful and your child always comes up with a piece of their heart in the form of cards be it, your birthday or anniversary and it’s something you cherish all your life!! Wouldn’t it make a great gift for your child too? Do not worry if you are not Picaso, just draw your heart out and make sure you pen down a few loving words for your kid to tell them how much you love them!

5. A customized treasure chest: Treasure chest is something that is filled with little knicks and knacks of your child’s favorite stuff. It can include anything from pencils, note books, toy cars, whistles, dolls, sweets, stickers or even chocolates.

6. Balloons: Aren’t balloons real fun to play with?? Every child be it any age loves playing with these air filled balls, as they are really colorful! You could bring your children’s favorite cartoon character or animal to life with balloons, your child is sure to get all excited!!

7. Vouchers For Fun: Write down or print some vouchers for your kid such as “Get a piggy back ride”, “watch your favorite show”, “get a big bear hug” “eat some chocolate” or “stay up late for tonight” and this will get your child all intrigued into the game, as he gets to make his pick! Children of all age groups will enjoy doing this

8. Chocolates & Cakes: No matter what your child’s age is, cakes, chocolates and pastries are loved by all. You could get your child their favorite chocolate like Cadbury Dairy Milk or a pack of Cadbury celebrations to double up the excitement! You could also order for a cake in a nearby bakery or bake a cake for them! Let them indulge into their favorite delicacy and that million dollar smile will not be too far away!

9. A Theme park trip: What could be better than having family time at the theme park, with lots of rides, water games, food and a fun filled day! Your kids are surely going to look forward to a day filled with so much fun, it makes an amazing gift, Indeed!!

10. Your Time: Well, this is probably the best gift your child could get from you “YOUR TIME”. Your child wishes to spend some quality time with you be it at home or at the park. While some children would express their needs to their parents there are some who are not as expressive. Either ways, your child craves your love and attention, and no matter what you buy them, your time is their most priceless possession. They deserve it!

Everyone has a child within themselves, so this Children’s day lets bring out that child sitting in some corner of your heart, let us all become kids once again because you are never too old to be a kid again! So this children’s day lets change the drill and make some time for our kids, lets give them a beautiful gift that they will cherish all through “ATTENTION“!

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19 thoughts on “Top 10 Gift Ideas For Parents This Children’s Day!

  1. Being a mother I always try to give most of my time to my kids and trust me it’s an awesome feeling to watch them grow. This year we will Plan a customized treasure chest.

  2. This is such a beautifully written post and I couldn’t feel your love for your child while reading this. I loved the idea of jar of love the most as love is what they need the most ( And chocolates too I think 😀😀😀)

  3. Handmade cards are long forgotten nowadays. I still have a hand written card that I received from my teacher when I was in school. Its a great idea if parents gift such handmade or hand written letters. Our kids will surely keep them as souvenirs.

  4. The suggested gift ideas for this Children’s day are really great and fun. I choose to do no. 9, It’s really fun, and my children would love this.

  5. Just amazing write up. I like the ideas that you have suggested here for giving special feel to kids on coming children’s day. I just love the idea of celebrating this day with chocolates and cakes and also gifting them their favourite toys.

  6. Chocolates form a large part of any childhood memories as we were rewarded with one for a good deed
    Loved the idea of movies & cards

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