Three Home Remedies to Brighten Skin Using Corn Flour

The heat, pollution and growing humidity tend to take a huge toll on our skin, taking away from the natural glow and fairness! So how can you retain the natural color of your skin? Off course, you will find ready-to-use face creams in the market, which will do the trick just right! But why go for artificial treatments, when you can have the natural way out? Flawless skin will be yours in no time!

Benefits of Corn Flour for Skin

Firstly, it may be one of the cheapest alternatives to all those expensive creams available in the market! It is easy to access and has a wide range of skin lightening/brightening properties! Secondly, it boosts the collagen levels in the skin, which helps avoid premature aging and lines. The presence of Vitamin A ensures fading of skin discoloration and Vitamin E is amazing for preventing sun damage, reducing irritation and to get rid of dry flaky skin!  Finally it has a bleaching effect on the skin ideal for brightening your face!

  1. Corn Flour Mask Recipe For Skin Brightening

Ingredients:  Two tablespoons of corn flour powder, 2 tablespoons of rice powder, three tablespoons of milk and one table spoon of honey.

How to make: Take a bowl, add all the above listed ingredients in the right quantities mentioned and mix well, until it forms a nice creamy paste.

How to use:  Wash your face squeaky clean prior to applying this mask, and then apply a thick layer of it on your entire face and neck! You want your neck and face to look even, so never forget application of any mask on your neck! Wait until the mask completely dries up, wash off, pat dry and moisturize.

Benefits: Rice powder is an excellent skin lightener which helps with uneven skin tone and discoloration. It works as a wonderful exfoliator as well, scrubbing off all the dirt and impurities from the skin.  Milk contains lactic acid and honey is a natural anti-inflammatory both ideal to give the skin a smoother texture and appearance.

  1. Corn Flour Mask Recipe For Skin Discoloration

Ingredients: All you need is one tablespoon of corn flour powder, one tea spoon of baking soda and lemon juice each and four to five drops of rose water!

How to Make: This mask is easy to make and use as well.  Just mix all the above listed ingredients in a bowl until it forms a nice paste like consistency!

How to Use: On a clean face, apply this mask evenly. Make sure not to miss out any spot, also if you suffer from dry skin, it is ideal to use honey instead of lemon! Let the mask sit on your face for a good twenty minutes and wash off with cold water. Follow up with your moisturizer!

Benefits: This mask as mentioned is great for any form of skin discoloration, which includes dark spots, dark patches, freckles and acne scars. It also helps in adding a healthy glow to the skin!

3. Corn Flour Recipe For Exfoliating the skin

Ingredients: One tablespoon of corn flour, one teaspoon of coffee powder, one teaspoon of oatmeal powder and three tablespoons of coconut oil.

How to make:  Mix all the above listed ingredients in a small bowl thoroughly and apply it on your face!

How to use: As said, this is an exfoliator, so you must use it like you would use your normal scrub. Go over your face in small circular motions, making sure to hit all the spots on your face.  Do this for a good two to three minutes and wash with cold water.

Benefits: This scrub is ideal for this hot weather, where the sun steals away our natural glow. It is a great way to clean away dead skin cells, take the dullness away and to get a nice natural glow. This mask lightens the skin and makes it look super radiant!

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  1. I never thought of using corn flour for exfoliating the skin, and it seems good – natural, it’s not like things we buy that are full of chemicals! Loved your tips and recipes! Hope you have a very lovely day!

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