The Top 5 essential Oils for Hair

Due to weather conditions and present lifestyle people tend to opt for shortcuts for hair by applying loads of chemicals which results in dry, unmanageable, brittle hair. Deep oiling method is not something new but has been continuing since ages and it’s proved to be the best solution for hair. A good massage of right hair oil can give umpteen benefits like it promotes healthy hair growth, controls dandruff, makes hair soft, manageable and eliminates harsh chemicals from hair. Currently they are tons of products in market which claims to be useful for our hair but I am listing  5 best oils  which in reality works.

1] Argan Oil:-

A true Argan Oil is one which is extracted from its tree , it’s a.k.a Moroccan oil . The Best thing about argan oil is that it not only does wonders for hair but also works great on skin. This oil makes our scalp oil free, controls dandruff and helps to gain the lost moisture . If you are looking for a miraculous product for dull and lifeless hair then a good Argan Morrocan Hair Oil is something which you need to own . Its easily Available as well !


2] Coconut Oil:-

I have been using coconut oil since ages as this powerful oil helped me in hair growth as well turned my hair much softer. A genuine coconut oil has multiple usages for hair and skin. It deep nourishes our scalp and reduce hair breakage. Make it a point to oil your hair at least twice a week with this oil in order build healthy hair roots .


3] Almond oil:-

As much as almonds are healthy for our body its oil is equally beneficial for our hair.  Almonds oil are rich in protein and quite suitable for almost all hair type.  The texture of this oil can help to make one’s hair soft, silky and healthy.  Usage of almond oil weekly can also help reduce hair fall.


4] Castor Oil:-

We all might have heard tons of usages of castor oil , well all points we heard about this miraculous oil is actually true. The famous lash and eyebrow hair growth oil does wonders in reality not only for hair but for skin too. The consistency of this oil is bit thicker than the rest therefore I always mix with other hair oil and use it. Regular usage of this oil can help in faster hair growth hair , It  also  offers other great benefits such as controlling hair loss, fighting scalp infections and dandruff.


5]  Jojoba Oil:-

Harsh weather exposure tends to make our hair rough and dehydrated ,  Jojoba oil is enriched with rich nutrients therefore when used regularly can add healthy texture to our hair.  The oil acts as a good conditioner as its non greasy . It treats dandruff and rough scalp problems, as well as adds shine and softness.


All the hair oils mentioned above are easily available in the market online , One can now easily add any of these oils in their regimen . Make it point to apply these at least twice a week for better results and say Hello to Healthy Happy Hair.!!

Guest Post by Zarin From Herbeautyaffair

Instagram :- beautyaffair101

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