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Helllo July! My birthday month… hoping that I as I grow a year older all the missing and scattered pieces of my life get together and I enjoy my life to the fullest! And yea.. these subscription bags are what keep me the happiest as they are a gift from me- to me every month! 😁

The June ZoBag came in a little late this time as they were unavailability issues and then there were shipment issues because of the rains… but I did get the bag in the last week of June.. but with Eid celebrations I didnt get the time to pen down the review.. anyway without wasting more time lets get to the unboxing!

The Theme:

The Summer Retreat ZoBag is all about caring for your skin during the summer heat! The damage to the skin is all taken care of with the variety of products that the Zobag is filled with! There is a scrub, a skin repairing gel, a face mask, a sunscreen and a face mist- all from awesome skin friendly brands!!

The Bag:

The bag is a pretty sight! Very summery! Its a Chić sling bag, with pretty flowers and cute belt! You can team it well with a pair of jeans and a white shirt or go desi and carry it well with a white salwar kameez. The choice is upto you👍🏽. The quality however is okay… I’m not too impressed with the inner material.. it could be made a bit sturdy I feel.

The Products:

A good skin care regime involves the CTM steps – Cleanising, Toning and Moisturizing. I feel the products included in this months bag are very apt for skin care regime especially when your skin is very exposed to the sun!

1. Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan Removal scrub (75 gms – INR 199/-)

This scrub from Biotique has goodness of Papaya and many essential fruits, which help in providing the skin with the much needed care. This scrub helps in unclogging of pores and dissolving dead surface cells. You can use it everyday, depending upon the sun damage, and it does provide with an improved complexion – I say this from experience as I have used this before.

2. Krishkare Hydrate Sheet Mask ( INR 200/-)

Your skin can use a LOT of hydration during the summer. This awesome Hydrate sheet mask by Krishkare provides with gentle care to the skin and has extracts from lemon peel and many other skin friendly ingredients that will help to brighten, lighten and also provide with necessary protection to the skin. This also helps in removing the sun tan!

3. Krishkare Skin Repair Gel (100 gms – INR 199/-)

The skin repair gel has goodness of Aloe Vera and is a great anti bacterial, anti oxidant for the skin, and helps repairing sun damaged skin by providing nourishment to the skin. After you wash your face, just apply this gel to your face and massage it for good 3-5 minutes, remove the excess gel with tissue or a cotton ball. This gives a soft glowing skin! A must have product I would say!

4. MCaffeine Sea Ferns Sunscreen (100 gms – INR 529/-)

You cannot do without a sun screen! Even after summer, a sunscreen is actually the most important product that you should invest in for your skin! MCaffeine’s Sea Fern Sunscreen has argan oil and calendula, Licorice extracts and a SPF of 30+ PA++ that provides the skin with much needed protection from the harmful rays of the sun! Ofcourse you need to reapply every 2 hours to stay protected! I just can’t handle the cuteness of this pump bottle! I feel like I am falling in love with MCaffeine products!

5. Votre After Sun Mist (50 ml – INR 500/-)

Of course a sun mist is also important! I used to love spritzing Dabur’s rose water on my face, as it is soothing and refreshing, especially during the summer, this toner is amazing as it helps in soothing the skin after you have been out in the sun! This mist is a blend of natural herbs and minerals which keeps your skin feeling soft, glowing and well balanced

Overall Verdict : So much love and attention to the sun exposed skin in one bag is just a great deal! I love how ZoBag team takes the extra step of making sure that the products that are chosen are ideal for all skin types and filled with skin friendly ingredients! This bag has obviously been worth the wait! I can’t wait for what the next bag has in store for us!

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