The Steal the Limelight October Fab Bag

Hey Gorgeous ladies!

So this month’s FAB Bag came by quick – it is the 5th, most people have already got it, and the curious me always head over to YOUTUBE to check out the YouTubers unboxing their Fab Bag with so much anticipation – it gives me a gist of what to expect with my bag – I am just an eager beaver that way 😛

Anyway, I was a tad bit disappointed, because the theme is “Steal the Limelight” and I can only say that about the bag, and not all the products inside.. I think my expectations rose a little with my September Fab Bag, you can read about it here

Anyhooo, lets just get on with the Unboxing now, shall we?

The Bag: I have my heart melting at the sight of this bag! A perfect lime light stealing bag that is all glitters and gorgeous! Just look at the Golden Glitter all over! just sooo perfect! My newest crush I would say – my party clutch 😛

The Theme: Keeping the coming Diwali festival, this bag has been named as The Steal the Limelight October FabBag. I am still glitter struck by the bag!

The Products:

Last month being an anniversary month, Fab Bag sent us amazing products – you can click here to find out all the I got in the Object of Desire September Fab Bag

This month the products are mostly about skin care and hair care, and one is a makeup product.

  1. SUGAR Arrested For Overstay Waterproof Eyeliner –  I’ll Be Black (Full Size – INR 699/-)

    We had an endless product list sent, all of SUGAR makeup products to choose from as the star of this month’s Fab Bag, and since I have everything else, I decided, I should just add this gorgeous eyeliner to my SUGAR Collection. This is amazingly pigmented and is definitely a great addition to my eyeliner collection as this baby is really overstaying on my eyes! I have a very serious eye rubbing issue – and guess what? the liner stayed put! So this product definitely has won my heart!

    You can read all that I own from SUGAR here – SUGAR -YES PLEASE!!! Sugar Cosmetics! – What I Own!

  2. Mond’sub Gold Facial Mask (Full Size (60gms) – INR 250/-)

    Mond’sub is extremely popular among face sheet masking these days, and have already tried this before. I am glad I got another one so that I can use it again.

    You can read more about Mond’sub Gold Facial Mask here – Mond’sub Facial Masks – Reviews

  3. Kronokare City Detox Face Wash (30 ml – INR 150/-)

    Kronokare is love for me – I love Kronokare, but haven’t got a chance to try many things from it! I have used its shampoo, which I had received a few months ago in one of my previous bags, and also I am in love with its Frizz Kiss Lip Balm! Will try and let you know how this one fares with me.

  4. Yuana Premium Hair Oil (50ml -INR 337/-)

    This looks like a very luxurious oil! It is a blend of seven oils and is a silicone free oil. This oil includes light mineral oil, sunflower oil, mustard oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, olive oil, and fragrance. Would love to try this out soon as it claims to retain, repair, smoothen, nourish, polish, detangle and boost!

Overall Verdict: The star of this month’s Fab Bag is the bag itself! I just can’t stop praising at how gorgeous this bag is. The products are okay, should have included more of makeup – I say that because according to me, limelight is stolen more with makeup :P. Anyways, would love to see more better launches, next time…


40 thoughts on “The Steal the Limelight October Fab Bag

  1. That eyeliner looks bomb!
    It’s definitely a good subscription bag and worth the money , everything is so good😻😻

      1. The gold bag and gold facial mask I absolutely loved.I used to have a fab bag subscription too.Thanks for rhe review.

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