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The revamped February Globox

Hey lovelies,

Hope everyone is having a great weekend? Ti’s the month of love… and Globox just made it perfect by shipping out the February Globox and giving me another chance to fall in love with their service all over again. Globox recently revamped their whole website, box et all, and I am not disappointed except for the fact that their price has gone up a teeny bit for the subscriptions, but come to think of it, IF you are getting FIVE FULL SIZED Product!!! I am not complaining. So, this month not only do we have a beautiful box to look at, I got amazing products. I am glad, they take our beauty profile seriously!

The Box: 
I am loving the fact that they have made such a beautiful change to the box. I love how the box has a magnetic strip to shut it close. Also, I love the theme, which goes hand in glove with their website, which is all girly and pretty!! Have you noticed the LOGO peeps?? Love, love looooove!

The Price:
I got a three month subscription which is INR 2667 *I know it’s a lot, but trust me, it’s worth it*

The Products:
The box isn’t themed, although there was an option in the website to book a Valentine box, I just stuck with the regular subscription box because I have a few of the products that were enlisted in the Valentine Box. Anyhoo, so I got 5 full sized products, which is always a plus, and all the products are chosen keeping in mind your problem areas and your requirements which you fill in your beauty profile. They have even embeded the beauty profile within the website as well. There were a few problems I was facing while updating the profile,(since the site integration was taking a bit of a time, new site and all :)) but the friendly Globox team helped me through it.
So, here are the products I got for the month of February:

1. Freedom Naked Protect Lipstick – (Makeup – INR 400)
I’m loving this shade.. The colour is amazing!! I didn’t like this colour when I put it on initially since I have pigmented lips and it gave me a washed out look. But my mantra these days (listening to someone who had told me that if after 15 minutes the lipstick doesn’t look good on you, it is not your colour) I decided I can slay this colour too. It settled in pretty well after a while and is a prettttty pinky nude ideal for everyday wear.

2. Eyeshadow Starshine Shade 24 – (Makeup – INR 450)
I cannot stress more on the fact of how much I absolutely adore owning eye-products. Believe me that each time I get eye-products, I get more excited! The colour is a beautiful silver.. and you could create so many pretty looks with this awesome shade. I love how it glides on smoothly on the skin! +5 for eye product Globox

3. Ethicare Hyalugel Plus -( Beauty Concern -Acne – INR 299)
There aren’t many products you can try out for your skin, and Ethicare sure has proved to be awesome for my blemishes. I am hoping it this gel though, helps me with my acne. Key Ingredients being Hyaluronic Acid, this gel is non sticky, non oily, non comedogenic, hypo allergenic, fragrance free, colour free and is awesome for your skin.

4. Soul Flower Charcoal Soap – (Skin Nourishment – INR 250)
I would lie, if I don’t tell you how my face broke out into a grin when I saw a Charcoal soap. well charcoal anything would do the same. Looking at the awesome results activated charcoal is giving out to the many YouTubers all over the world, I was keen on trying it out, IN ANY FORM! But here I have Soul Flower product, a skin’s best friend! You are not hearing me complain anymore 😛 I am glad I got a soap! I think I am going to stash away the Tea tree/Green tea products for a while and see how this works for me 😀

5. MUA Green Forest Liner – (Makeup – INR 240)
Love the colour! well GloBox sure knows how to keep a girl happy. 😛 Adding yet another MUA product to my slowly growing makeup stash

Mummy Verdict: Apart from the fact that the price has gone a bit high, there is nothing else I have to complain. Atleast I got to save about INR 1028 this month :D. GloBox is a good subscription to have, if you are looking for full sized products. I am amazed this time by the number of makeup products I got. Great going GloBox.

Buy Here: Globox  Use the Code REWARD-9499-UP84L-PWCK to get a discount  🙂

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