The Ready Set Glow Fab Bag – November 2016

Hey ya’all!

Hope “Sweet November” is going good for all you beautiful women out there. I am loving it!

Fab Bag arrived early this month! My anticipation levels go sky rocket each month thinking about what bag we will get and what would the products be? Sharp 12:05 am , every 1st of any month, I am on FABBAG ; just to know what the next bag would be like. 😀 yes, I am a bit weird that way… anyways, back to the review of the Ready Set Glow November Fab Bag.

The bag is a beautiful deep pink shade.. I have noticed that Fab Bag uses a lot of Pinks/Reds for their bags.. I would like to see more of blues/purples… friendly suggestion 😀


Here is what I got in this month’s Fab Bag:

    • City Colour Be Matte Lipstick – Lana (Full Size: INR 500)

      I got the usual “Choose your Make up” Email in the last month of November. Soooo many options to choose from, which really confused me to no end. There were a variety of shades of just REDS alone. There were a few mauve’s/pinks.. And it took me everything to not choose any of my favourites and go with a red. I chose Lana, a deep red colour, which I know for a fact that it just cannot go wrong with any complexion. So, I played safe, and chose Lana, and I am happy I did it, because it definitely suits me 😀city-color
      The packaging is quite decent, you can see the colour from the cap. The finish on the lips is creamy matte, not complete matte, which is fine by me, because I have horrible dry lips and could use some creamy based lipsticks.  Which shade did you choose? Do let me know in the comment below..

    • VedaEarth Under Eye Oil ( INR 275 for 7ml):
      If you love Vegan, cruelty free products, then VedaEarth is definitely something you should try. This is the second product I am getting from VedaEarth and I love how they smell. Plus the fact that the products are Ayurvedic makes me a lot happy. My skin needs all the pampering it needs, especially my eyes, because I tend to strain them a lot. The Under eye oil claims to be nourishing, dark circle reducing, puffiness reducing and skin lightening – which by the way is comforting, because I could definitely use the nourishment and the skin lighetening around my eyes. I have used this product twice since I got it yesterday – so far no difference, but yes, it does feel soothing.  The main ingredients, however, Saffron, Vetiver and Lotus will definitely work their magic .. will definitely let you know how it is for me .


    • Just Herbs Aloe Vera Facial Massage Gel (INR 445 for 100gm)

      Just herbs is just another Ayurvedic composition and has an awesome collection of Ayurvedic products that you must try. The facial massage gel has Aloe Vera leaf juice, Cucumber, Soy Lecithin, glycerin, Grape seed oil, blend of herbs and essential oils.. (the print is too hard for me to read…) I haven’t yet used it, but I plan to when I am done with my current face cream. This is a sweet smelling, non sticky gel, with very thin consistency.


      This product needs to be massaged on a cleansed face  and neck till it is absorbed, and there is a mention of a 6 step regime, which I need to find out.

  • Natural Bath & Body Wild Wonder Body Mist (INR 325 for 200 ml)I love mists/perfumes. Well most of us women do, and we love to smell amazing all day long. The Natural Bath and Body Wild Wonder Body Mist brought a smile to my face. It smells too strong for my taste but its good. The notes of the mist are ‘spicy’ and strong. I love more floral notes than spicy, but this will do good, as it does fade away after a while. The whole purpose of mists are to keep reapplying so that you feel fresh throughout the day.  This surely is replacing my almost empty Cashmere Glow from Bath and Body Works

    I also got a renewal code, and the #InMyFabBag contest card.  Next month it will be a whole year that I have been a subscriber with Fab Bag. I have never been disappointed with the contents of the bag, I only feel that since there are 4 products that we get every month, there should be 2 beauty and 2 makeup products. Let me know what you think?


    Have a fab day!
    Love, BeautyMommies..XOXO


2 thoughts on “The Ready Set Glow Fab Bag – November 2016

  1. This FabBag is amazing! A lipstick, a massage gel and alone the bag is so sweet! The color is really cool! I also love body sprays very much! I would like to subscribe to this bag! Hope you have a very nice week!

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