The Object of Desire – 5th Anniversary September Fab Bag

This post has been long due for the fact that I received this late, and also that I had taken a mini break! So now that I am back in action I would start gushing over the fact that this 5th Anniversary bag has me all hearts for it..

I was a tad bit disappointed with all these previous month’s bags where there were not many things that I was very happy about receiving, but with this September bag, I am really very happy there are sooo many great brands and products I received.. read on to find out what I got in my FAB Bag

The Bag: a GORGEOUS silver sheen bag which I must say screams celebrations!

The Theme: The anniversary month has been aptly names “the Object Of Desire” September Fab Bag. Everything about the contents of the bag and the bag itself has stuff that are indeed objects of desire!

The Products:

  1. Seasoul Moisture Matt Lipstick Lead Free – ML-01 (Full Size INR 530/-) This is a choice of product of this month. I had a choice of many lipsticks when I renewed my subscription this month, out of which this was “my” colour. It is a lovely nude brown, which I prefer these days. Seasoul is an amazing brand and I am glad I am getting to try out products from this brand!

  2. SUGAR Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquer – 039 Bold as Brass ( Full size – INR 299/-) Not a nail polish fan, but colours like these can make an exception! Bold as brass is a very apt name for this shade as this shade is gorgeous! I put it on the moment I unpacked this and took picture using it immediately! I guess you can make it out with my haphazard application 😛

  3. Iraa Instarenew Multi-Action Under Eye Cream (20gms – INR490/-) Having hitting the thirties is just about the right time that I need to take care of my eye area! And Instarenew multi-action under eye cream by Iraa is a very welcome product in my skin care regime. The product is a blend of exotic algae grape seed and cucumber and claims to reduce wrinkles, crow’s feet, dark circles and puffiness. I thankfully am blessed with no dark circles, but have been noticing signs of crow feet, so will be now using this in my daily skin care routine!

  4. Tvakh Midas Touch Ultra Nourishing Lip Tint (Full Size –  INR 195/-)Look at the sheen in this lip tint! soo gorgeous!! and apt for the festive season!! This is called Midas touch because of the golden tint that it leaves behind!  and it smells divinely like chocolate! waiting to use this for the coming wedding season so that my lips do their shiny business once I have this on! This is indeed a good addition to my make up kitty, especially for those days when I am not in a mood to wear a lot of makeup! Just a little bit of Kohl and a dash of this lip tint and I am good to go!
  5. Tvakh CE-Namon Lip Plumper (6gms – INR 225/-)

    For most this would be a blessing, especially for people with normal lips. I on the other hand, have full lips so have lesser use of this! but yes, I am loving the fact that there is so much lip variety filled in this months Fab Bag.. so festive ready I would say! Smells very much like Cinnamon, for obvious reasons 😛 and claims to add colour and volume to lips! Shall try it out and let you know!

  6. Seer Secrets Bergamot and Raw Sandhal Energizing Yoghurt Enzyme Body Cleanser (30 ml – INR72/-)
    Shower gels have been recently ruling my world.. so this is also a very welcome product this month! The fact that there is goodness of Bergamot and raw Sandal, and also yogurt is what makes this body wash a great addition! This claims to keep the skin well nourished and it especially made for people who want younger looking skin and also wants an anti-tan agent in their body wash.. great to get this I would say!

Overall Verdict: This month’s fab bag is exceptional with everything from the bag to the products being the object of desire – Fab Bag is getting back in game providing amazing products – hoping to get more from the future bags as well.. So what did you get in your fab bag this month?

8 thoughts on “The Object of Desire – 5th Anniversary September Fab Bag

  1. Wow 😍 3 lip products, 1 nail paint, 1 eye cream and 1 body cleanser awesome 😃love the sheen bag too 😘 my favorite is the lip tint. 😍

  2. You have received some good products. I love Seasoul lipsticks. Tvakh lip products are great deal indeed😀👍

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