The November GloBox – Review and First Impressions!

Hey everyone!

So much craziness with the sudden demonetization and it has left no soul any less worried than they should be! Well I for a change have not had a lot of issues, YET.. I didn’t have any 500’s and 1000’s on me when this was declared… so while everyone was in a state of utter panic, I was composed and cool… hoping that things will get better… but what do you really think will happen with all of this hullabaloo? I personally don’t think this was a wise move on our dear PM’s behalf.. Let’s get real now you guys! You know that people with all that BLACK MONEY will always come around having BLACK MONEY irrespective of what ever move you make in order to curb it? There are already rounds of news on the network saying that fake notes ALSO have been issued in the market… I mean.. really!? How are we gonna get around this??

errm.. Sorry, this was supposed to be an unboxing post… not a rant out.. especially not a political rant.. So here goes..

So this post is a bit late.. I got my box on Friday.. and I really didn’t get a chance to get online and type.. but it did give me a chance to use two of the products in my GloBox, and let me tell you.. I love them. So this is what I got for my November GloBox.


MUA Lash Boom Volume Length (INR 700 – 7ml)

I am the biggest fan of eye products and I was sooo happy with this month’s GloBox, because I got, not one, but two eye products. MUA Lash Boom Volume Length Mascara is in every sense AH-MAZING! I love how the wand brush is shaped in a bulb shape allowing volumizing effect. Your lashes don’t tend to stick together which is a plus, and also it is easy to remove. Although I want Mascaras to be waterproof, yet I prefer it to come out easy as well.. But I can’t have both, so I settle with the non-waterproof kind. For 700 bucks this one is quite a steal! I Overall I am happy with this product.

Bio Bloom Honey, Lemon Juice, Olive Oil Face Pack (INR 499 for 50gms)

So, I have those periods when I have  a sudden outbreak and acne and me end up being best buddies for a few weeks. What is more agonizing is that there are always scars that remind me that I cannot just have perfect skin – EVER. I chose in the beauty page as Acne as my skin concern and I got Bio Bloom Honey, Lemon Juice, Olive Oil Face Pack. I have already tried it on once. The key ingredients are Lemon juice, Honey, Olive Oil, Pressed oil of Sesame, Jojoba  & Sweet Almond, Natural clay of Kaolin – and it mostly smells of the clay.  My first use – I felt my skin feel softer – Olive Oil I believe did those wonders. But I can’t really tell you how effective it was with just one use. So , I will definitely review this later when I have seen the changes. What is good about this product is that it is Organic and free from Parabens , Formaldehyde, Suplhates and petrochemicals. GloBox you win more points because you include organic products 🙂


Freedom Mono Eyeshadow Glided 218 (INR 350 – 2gm) – 

This is the second Eye product EYE got in this months GloBox. And I just LUUUUURVE this beautiful shade. This is a beautiful Bronze that I am totally amazed about. Let me be honest here, I am not makeup expert like my sister( Co-writer in this blog) but I still hoarde makeup like I am going to run out of it! 😀 Well I might ask her a great deal of tips on using it in the right way, instead of smearing the whole product over your eye-lid look- that I usally opt for because I JUST CANT get the colours to blend!! *Hides face in palms* ORrr Perhaps you can give me a look to try out? Do let me know..k?


Aryanveda Pollutend Face Wash (INR 149 for 60ml)

So this is yet another good choice by GloBox! This facewash claims to energize your skin making your skin look  younger and luminous because of the Anti-Glycation action.And It is with Gold dust! Pretty pretty!! I have used it 2 times, so let’s see if it makes me look 23 again :D:D


Tea Treasure Free Samples 

I got two Tea Treasure Samples.. I would love to get more of the slimming samples :D:D


One is a Slimming Tea and the other one is Mint Fusion. Of course I jumped ahead and had the slimming one, I still have to have the Mint fusion. Its just so refreshing! It’s just awesome to get so much goodness being packed in your box every month. So, this month’s GloBox actually retails for 1698/- and I got it for 749/-! That’s a lot of saving for full size products, don’t you think?

I am just so glad that I have renewed my GloBox subscription.. Looking forward for more amazing products every month. Thank you Globox team.. you guys ROCK!

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