The Game Changer – March Fab Bag

Haven’t posted in a while – things have just kept me busy.. makes me wonder how other mommies are so good with their time… although it doesn’t take me much time to actually sit and type a post out, yet, things on the home front etc, have just kept me busy…

Anyhoo, this post has been long due, more so because the bag itself came very late.. I actually received both the FABBAG on the same day.. so hence, I will be posting both these posts back to back…

The March Fab Bag was a much anticipated one, because the theme promised a lot more! let’s just get on with the unboxing to check what I received in my March Fab Bag – I am sure by now everyone knows what all were received anyway, but let’s go ahead and check what I got 🙂

The theme: The March Fab Bag was themed THE GAME CHANGER. I personally felt that this bag was going to be all about trying more unique products.. but I guess the Game Changing was all due to the SUGAR Cosmetic products that were lined up for choice.

The Bag: Not game changing at all. I really didn’t like the bag, and I was almost passing out the opportunity to give this bag a miss, but I was more inclined for the products to be honest. The bag is a metallic purple coloured bag, with absolutely no space for more than 3 products 🙁 which to be honest is a disappointment from ALL the bags I ever got. I have used almost all of the bags as my go to makeup bag at one point of the other, but this one is an absolute fail for me.

The Products:

The products on the other hand were welcome. SUGAR of course is the star of the bag.. I was hoping to buy the compact – but I guess my waiting made me lose that opportunity – anyway, this is all I got in my March Game Changer Fab bag:

  1. SUGAR Lash Mob Limitless Mascara- 01 Black With A Bang (Full Size – INR 699/-)

    I chose this product cause I wanted to give this to my sis who has been eyeing this for quite sometime. I already own this mascara and it is my GO TO mascara. I simply love how the eye lashes are coated and do not appear clumpy. For me this is indeed the star of the bag.

  2. NELF USA Collosal Eyeliner (Full Size – INR 150/-)

    I wish there was a choice in the colour of Eyeliner too! But I got a Blue liner, which I feel is okay, I have never experimented with blue, so there is always a first! The size of the product is good for the price, I just wish it was a retractable pencil..

  3. Health Vit Activated Charcoal Face Wash (Full Size – INR 200/-)

    Heard sooooo much about this face wash that I cant wait to finish the face wash I am using currently so that I can begin using this one. I haven’t opened the seal either so I cannot tell you much about this except the ingredients. Might do a full review once I begin using this.
  4. Kara Scentric Bleu Perfume (7ml – INR 75/-)

    This is a purse concentrate and I am not too fond of such strong perfumes. But I like it – this perfume has higher notes of something I relate to as an “aquatic” scent – like there is Coolwater by Davidoff.. this perfume strongly reminds me of just that.

  5. Best Seller Bonus: The Nature’s Co – Atmospure Jasmine Sugar Body Scrub

    I have used the Nature’s Co body scrub before, and I love this for the fact that the essence lingers on. the scrub is a good body exfoliator and I love using it regularly to get rid of dead skin!

Overall rating:

I always thing that FAB BAG can UP ITS GAME by adding more options, more customizations and better bags. I don’t deny that the quality of the bags is good, but I feel that they can always work a lot more on its design.

11 thoughts on “The Game Changer – March Fab Bag

  1. The blingy fab bag looks great! But as you said, a bit of newer and better designs would be appreciated! The products are good!

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