The Flawless and Fierce August Fab Bag

Happy Independence day to all my fellow INDIANS!

SO after my on and off hiatus, which seems to be happening more often than not, I decided that we should just go ahead and post something today – FABBAG un-boxing has been waiting very patiently on my table – I just am not very good with time management these days – more of a procrastination I would say – Everything can just wait πŸ˜‰ But I guess being a mommy, the only break you can get is by staying away from blogging – but not the kids πŸ˜› So my kids decided I should get back to work, because my son wanted to play with the FABBAG box, so he insisted I empty the contents and hand it over to him..Β 

The Theme: The Flawless and Fierce August Fab Bag – All about skin care and looking your absolute best. The bag is filled with goodies that will cater only to your skin – to make it flawless and fierce – helping to put your best game forward!

The Bag: Is a beautiful clutch in Black! There were two colours this time – brown and black and I am glad that I got Black because it happens to be my most favourite colour. The bag is an ideal sized clutch so I would definitely think of taking this out- now that I am done with diaper bags – all these beautiful clutches are beautiful accessories that I can now think of taking around! The material is gorgeous and there is a press button which closes the bag securely, I just wish there was a chain for us to hang it from our shoulders! But a beauty nevertheless!

The Products :
The bag is filled with all FULL SIZED goodies! YAY!! Getting four full sized products amounting to 1200 is amazing! Here are all the things I got in this August Fab Bag!

1. Bella Voste Premium Lipstick – Mocha Spice (Full Size – INR 449)

I am currently obsessing with lipsticks – so I have decided I don’t want more – then comes a mail from FAB BAG asking me to choose a lipstick – πŸ˜› and I am sold! Bella Voste is a new launch and there were plenty of options available for me to choose from – I preferred my usual shade Β – a beautiful cinnamon brown, which by the way is very creamy and moisturizing. I cannot comment much about the lasting power, as the lipstick came off once I Β drank tea, but yes, it doesn’t feel very heavy on your lips and is a Beautiful colour!

2. Mond’sub Pearl Revitalizing & Brightening 3D Hanging Ears Neck and Facial Masks ( Full size: 200)

I tried this the Β moment I got this. Although I am more of a regular masking person, over a sheet masker ; I loved the glow I got once I used this, followed by the essence that comes in the mask . I love the fact that this covers the neck too- and trust me, I loved how my skin felt post usage. A full review will soon be up on the blog – so you might want to stay tuned for some more info on Mond’sub facemasks!

3. Opulence SUGAR Scrub (Full size – INR 500)

This scrub is filled with all the goodness that you can give to your skin! I am loving the ingredient list as it is power packed with all skin friendly ingredients that can help you skin a great deal. I still haven’t had a chance to open and use this, but a review will follow once I get a chance – the packaging is simple yet chic!

4. Makeup Revolution The Matte Effect Concealer Stick – MC11 (Full Size : INR 550/-)

If you ask me, we need all the concealers we can have – there sometimes is so much correction to do, sometimes so much pop up your makeup can use – this beauty by Makeup revolution is a tad bit darker for my skin, but can do good for my under eyes – not that I need lot of coverage there, but still can dab on a bit and make my skin perfect.


Overall Verdict :Β There are new additions made to this monthly bag every month, we get to try out new things from lesser known brands or known brands – things we want to try, things we are skeptical to try, yet we try because we want to know what works for us and what does not. I was not a big fan of change, especially to my skin care routine, but since I subscribed to FAB BAG, I have tried a lot of products, and also now am more comfortable trying new things out, which could work for my skin. I am in love with Fab Bag and I am glad that we get all the opportunities to find new things each month!

38 thoughts on “The Flawless and Fierce August Fab Bag

  1. The sugar scrub and the concealer caught my attention. I love subscription boxes which are so full of value.

  2. This bag looks classy. Makeup Revolution concealer, sheet mask and lipstick are great picks. Fab Bag does a good job…

  3. I so agree with you unless we try something new we would never come to know how they are. I really liked the review for the fab bag. even I wish to subscribe to them.

  4. The bag itself has tempted me to buy it! Its so classy! Also the products are really impressive.. value for money

  5. I also need some coverage on my undereye atea! This looks like a good way of doing it! Loved the lipstick shade and also the bag that it came in πŸ™‚

  6. This fab bag seems interesting. Specially i like this black leather bag. Its beautifull and looks classy. All the products also look great and of nice brand. Like your detailed review.

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