The Festive High Fab Bag – October 2016

Heyyyyy Dolls! How has the week been so far!? I am back with yet another unbagging 🙂

SOooooo, the Fab Bag for October arrived last week, and the busy mommy me had tonnes of work,  so I finally sit to write this impending review.. so sorry for the delay!

The Festive High Fab Bag is just one word! AWESOMENESS!


I love how the bag is golden and perfect replacement of a clutch for parties. I love how its not the usual zipper bag.. points for a pretty golden clutch that I am going to carry soon!


The usual make-up product choice mailer came in, in the last week of September, asking us to choose a product … the option I love by the way! I usually trust my own instinct when choosing a product because I don’t want to wander too much away from my comfort zone when it comes to choosing my lip shade mostly. But yea, not to wander away from the topic right now.. We were given loads of options for C.A.L cosmetics – lipsticks, eye shadows, compacts etc. Here is what I chose –

1. CAL Cosmetics Eye shadow kit  – Dramatic (Full Size – INR 850)

So, my verdict on it is – the shadow kit is amazing. I love the colours! and yes – DRAMATIC!! Quite truthfully, these are colours I would mostly prefer to go SOLO with, especially the golds! But overall, its a beauty. Would have swatched the shades for you, but the weird Hyderabad weather has made my skin crazy dry and it really won’t do the justice to the shades!



2. Votre Lip Gel Scrub (Full Size 10gms-INR 300)

Votre is a great brand. I had received a serum from Votre in my first ever fab bag and it has helped clear a lot of my skin issues. I have used the Gel scrub once, and I think with time the scrub will work its magic. The Ingredients are Jojoba Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Licorice, Lemon and Corn Particles. The smell however is YUCK! Lip gels/balms/Lip anythings should smell GREAT!  Anyway, the product says it’s sample size, but the Info card says it’s sample size. Well, either way, VOTRE is good!










3. Kaya Brightening Serum (INR 1490 for 30ml – I got 5ml so you can do the Math :D)

It claims flawless, healthy luminous skin- I might have to get back to you on that. A 5ml product would not provide as much results I believe, so I will definitely try this out and let you know how much difference it made while I used this 5ml bottle.  Ingredients haven’t been mentioned, but KAYA offers good SKIN care, so I might end up buying a bigger bottle of serum, based on how it worked on me.


4. Vedaearth Cleansing Facial Oil (Full Size 25ml – INR 350)

This is a cute little thing in the bag. I love the packaging. I have a combination skin, I am not sure how the oil would work on my skin, but I am eager still to try it out. The ingredient list is superb – Apricot, Kernel, Grape seed, Palmarosa leaf, Frankincense Oleo Gum resin, Benzoin Resin, Saffron Stigma, Roman Chamomile Flowers and also contains Vitamin E and Soya Lecithin.  I have not used it, but will let you know how it worked on my skin.

img_4263-1 img_4267








5. Stay Quirky Nail Polish – 01( Ful Size – INR 165 for 6ml)

Nail polishes aren’t my “thing”. Let’s just say that I  would rather spend on yet another Kohl/Kajal than spend on Nail polish. The colour is a pretty orange, good for all complexions, but I won’t be wearing it. So, I will just keep it aside for a give away that I will put up hopefully soon!


Mommy Rating: The bag definitely has earned the brownie points here, and the nail polish was a dampener. I would like Fab Bag to have an option for Nail polish separately so taht people like me who don’t like wearing them do not have to  pile on to nail polishes. Either way I rate the Festive High Fab Bag 5/5

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P.S – Don’t mind the pictures and their alignments , I guess we will get better with time :D:D

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