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The Colour Take Over – Plum NaturStudio – Drama for your eyes!

If you have been regularly reading my posts, you know how big a fan I am of Kajals/Kohls.. I hoard them and I don’t feel guilty in indulging in some eye drama.. When I got this mailer from Plum for their recent addition of two new beautiful colours in their all day kajal collection I just had to get my hands on them..

There was an awesome promotion going on – so I managed to get a good deal of getting not only 3 beautiful shades of Naturstudio Kajals, but also a chic and trendy glitter purse! *in love*

Plum Kajal was listed as one of my favourites in my post ; it is one of the most used products out of my makeup stash, and I am now ready to do all the experimenting that I can with colours on my eyes.. no more miss Boring – I am ready to let the Plum Colours take over my life too!

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Why Plum NaturStudio?

  • Because there is everything good in – and everything bad out
  • Smudge proof, lasts for a long time
  • Single swipe of kajal has me good to go – the intensity is purely amazing!
  • 100% vegan, preservative free and is Enriched with Vitamin E
  • Is safe for the eyes – tested Ophthamologically!

Price: INR 999 for all the products listed below ; individually each Plum NaturStudio costs INR495

Packaging: The Kohl pencils are the regular Plum coloured pencils with colour coded ends – so you know which pencil is which colour.

What I got?

Plum NaturStudio – Black Brilliance – This is the first launch of Plum NaturStudio Kajals that I was absolutely crazy about. The colour payout is just amazing.. I love these for the fact that just one swipe is enough to create intense drama to your eyes. This has been my constant companion since I bought it and I am glad I got yet another one as my previous kajal was nearly done with!! Can now create more drama with this beauty!

Plum NaturStudio – Uptown Brown – Brown was something I never tried – even though it is more of the neutral colours but I was never comfortable with experimenting with anything except black for kohls.. I have no regrets as I have let the colour take over my life – this is yet another everyday colour that you can use when you want a change and can do without the regular black!

Plum NaturStudio – Gemstone Green – There is more drama to be expected with this green beauty! Just look at the colour! I love how intense the colour is with just one swipe! Like I have already mentioned, I have never tried to experiment with other colours, but I just feel this is gonna be a great addition to my kohl collection. You can even use it as a liner and create some gorgeous eye looks!

Flip-tip Sharpener – I love that Plum thinks about providing sharpeners too.. especially this one where it has two options of sharpening your kohl pencil – one to give a flat end, and flip a switch and you can get a VERY SHARPENED edge! Plus is there is a cleaning stick in it too – so you don’t have to worry about using this one sharpener for all your Plum NaturStudio pencils!

Golden Glitter Sling bag – I am in love with this gorgeous babe! Such a pretty sight! Now that I am post diaper bag drama – this is a welcome bag for me! I can now go to parties and weddings sporting this beauty instead of a diaper bag :P. The bag is of a good quality, with a magnetic button for closure and a long chain to hang it off your shoulder!

Overall Verdict : Plum NaturStudio Kajal Kohl pencils are simply amazing! the colour payout is splendid and I love that I have two more amazing colours added in my eye makeup collection.. while black and brown can be used for regular days, one swipe and I am good to go ; green would be a new colour that will add to the drama. This colour take over is indeed a good one.. have you bought yours yet?

Mommy Rating : 4.9/5

43 thoughts on “The Colour Take Over – Plum NaturStudio – Drama for your eyes!

  1. No I haven’t used Kohl kajal before.. I always want this one to be in my kajal collection 😍😀 mmm need to save some money to get this baby 😂

  2. Nice and detailed review. Haven’t tried Plum Kajal yet but seems so good 😊 the green shade looks awesome.

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