The Colour Drama July Fab Bag

Getting this bag on the very fist day of the month was quite surprising! Yes, this was the very first time I got the Fab Bag on the very first day of the month! The birthday month :D:D.. But sorry for this late post.. I had things, that needed to get done… anyway, here follows my review of this months FabBag

The Theme : The Colour Drama July Bag is all about drama and colour.. I think from the past two months, FabBag is not keeping up with the theme.. Being Colour Drama, I hoped there will be dramatic products in the bag.. but I am guessing the drama is the bag itself, and not the products?

The Bag : The bag is a pretty peach! I love the simplicity of the bag, and it is a bit bigger than the usual bags that we get from Fab Bag. I love that it is a bit sturdy.. so this is easily going to replace my makeup bag. πŸ˜€

The Products:

I received four products in this month’s fab bag.. they are:

  1. SUGAR Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick (Viola) (Full size – INR 799/-)

    I knew that I was going to receive this product, as I had chosen this! I was and am quite excited about this lip crayon as the latest Matte As Hell Crayons are to die for.. It was a heart breaking choice I had to make out of Jackie Brown and Elle Woods , and some of the It’s a Pout time Vivid Lipsticks.. Strong contenders were Brown Town Abbey, Better Call Salmon… I am hoping to grab those soon.. anyways, the formula seems more creamy than the earlier launches.. a detailed review will be coming up soon

  2. Kronokare: Hydrate The Hair Shampoo (55 ml – INR 165/-)

    Kronokare has been a brand that I am in love with. I absolutely adore the Kronokare Frizz Kiss, you can check out the review here, and also have heard all the good things about all their other products.. I have got the Mediterranean Citrus Shampoo, which is SLS, PARABEN , Silicone and Mineral Oil free! and has natural extracts of Orange, Bergamot, Grape fruit! It has a strong smell of citrus fruits… and I can’t wait to use this.. We were also sent a voucher this time, where users can buy INR700 worth of products and get a discount of INR 200 by using the code “FABBAG20”. So, go ahead an indulge while you can!

  3. Just herbs: Herb Enriched Skin Tint (15 mg -INR 385/-)

    This product has been doing rounds on the social media and I was quite intrigued by it. This is a Just Herb’s, herb enriched Skin tint Β for medium coverage. I have applied this only once, and was not very happy with it as it gave out a white cast on my skin, and when I took pictures, I could see a white cast on my face! This is a 15 ml product and, I am truly not happy with this.

  4. TVAKH : Fruit Enzyme Alcohol Free Toner ( 50 ml -INR 160/-)

    Toning is essential.. and I have been craving Tvakh products, and have been blessed with them πŸ˜› This toner is enriched with fruit enzymes and is Sulphate, Paraben, GMO, Phtalates and Petroleum oil free! This is ideal for all skin types and is alcohol free and is non comedogenic! can I ask for more in one product?

Overall Verdict: Fab Bag needs to up their game now.. True they manage to introduce new things for us, but somehow the products are not personalized! It is important that we get some more products, and if not more products, at least they should think of giving at least two full size products… What have you got in your Fab Bag?

34 thoughts on “The Colour Drama July Fab Bag

  1. That’s quite a detailed review !! Also a while back I had subscribed too but eventually unsubscribe as I got loaded with kronokare products only πŸ™„

  2. FabBag always attracted me towards it for the amazing products it showcases and the beautiful pouches. Your review talks my faith of having one soon.

  3. Loved the lippie
    Too bad the Just Herbs product leaves a white cast – did not expect – even Neutrogena does it

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