The Blend the Beauty – December Fab Bag

Just one day for the new year! This year has been exceptional for us in many ways.. we lasted a year, and we are hoping to last many more.. the last day of the year should have an exceptional bag reviewed.. and I love the fact that this FAB BAG is SIMPLY AMAZING!! And no! I am not exaggerating!! check out this post to know why this month’s bag rocks!

The Theme: The Blend the Beauty December Fab Bag is a blend of beauty products! There are some amazing products in this bag, 4 full sized and one deluxe size! could I ask for more?

The Bag: Golden has been my latest options, ever since my upgrade from diaper bags to regular bags and clutches, I have got this 3rd GOLDEN bag from FAB BAG, and this one’s even more prettier than the others. I love the golden clutch. It’s ideal for the wedding season too!

The Products: 

Now my exaggeration can know no bounds, as the list of products is simply superb. Let’s get on with the unbagging now shall we?

  1. SUGAR Blend the Rules Eyeshadow Quad – 07 Applause (Full size – INR 699/-)

    Now let’s take a moment to just ogle at this packaging!! I am in love with SUGAR and their packaging! The products launched have been superb, including this eye-shadow quad, which we had a choice for. I chose 07 Applause for the beautiful colours! There is a transition shade followed by other shades, and the texture is creamy! I love the pigmentation! just look at the shimmer shade!! <3

  2. Neemli Naturals Four Clay Face and Body Wrap ( 75gms – INR 550/-)

    A lot of care is what I need at this very moment for my skin! Not only is it drying, but is also breaking out! Blend of four clays – French Red Clay, French Green Clay, Zeolite Clay and Fuller’s earth! This mask needs no further details I would say. I have already used this once since I got the bag, and I loved how my skin felt post use!

  3. Bella Voste Premium Nail Enamel – 03 Drink a Bit (Full Size – INR 249/-)

    No fan of nail paints, but I still keep getting them via FAB BAG. This is one thing that FAB BAG should really consider, that some people don’t wear nail paints. Anyhoo, the colour is pretty, I had my sister try it on 😀 The nail paint on drying feels a little grainy on the nails.. It is overall a pretty shade!

  4. Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Coco Butter & Vanilla Body Cream (10 gms – INR 26/-)

    This smells heavenly – yes of cocoa! I love the fact that this cream is really moisturizing! My hands and feet are the most drying parts of my body, so this is a compulsory item in my hand bag. I love Blossom Kochhar products!

  5. Bliscent Peppermint Foot Soak (Full Size – INR 200/-)

    My feet still feel amaaazing! Look at that pretty blue! I gave my feet some amazing care by soaking them in a warm water filled with this foot soak.. the peppermint oil provides a cooling sensation and I love that I managed to give my feet some love today!

    Final Verdict: FAB FAB FAAAB! Fab Bag has wrapped up this year with an amazing bag and amazing collection of products! Just the nail paint was a bit of a no no for me, but rest all are simply outstanding!

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