The Beauty Trippin’ May Fab Bag

Hey beauties,

The summer is really making me wish for a vacation! I just feel like I can do without this intense heat. Is it just me? Or does everyone think that the summer is getting worse every year? Anyway, I think that #FABBAG heard my vacation plea, and has got me ready for a quick trip anywhere that I might go to. Yes, this months theme is vacay friendly and if you aren’t subscribed to Fab Bag yet, you should just head over to their website and get on with it!

The Theme: The theme of the May Fab Bag is ” The Beauty Trippin’ ” filled with goodies that are essential for short trips that you might suddenly plan. I can assure you that you need not think twice before just putting this bag as is in your suitcase as it has all the essentials (with little makeup) that you might need on a vacation.

The Bag: A pretty sight I would say as the bag is made of amazing canvas fabric. It is black and I got the one with a suitcase and with “Work, Sleep, Travel, Repeat” written on it. I love it! I always mention that FABBAG does put in a lot of thought into designing their bags and their themes. I think we got a similar bag a while back..

The Products: Let’s just dive into the products!

  1. Essence Silky Touch Blush 20 (Full size – INR 299/-)As you girlies already know that we get a mail end of the month to choose a product of our liking from a vast list of products.. There were plenty of lipsticks and eye shadow options and foundation option from essence. I chose Essence Silky Touch Blush in shade 20, which is a shy coral shade. I chose this because, I didn’t like the options of the eyeshadows that were there, and I had plenty of mascaras and foundation and compact – I prefer buying them both from store, rather than online.. The pigmentation is okay. There is a light sheen in the blush.
  2. Johara Pro Shine Nail Colour – Pink Youth (Full Size – INR 250/-)For those who have been following me for a while, they know that I am not very fond of nail paints. But yet, I have got the most nail varnishes from FabBag. I still advise Fab Bag team to ask their subscribers IF they would like nail paints or not, because trust me, there are quite a number of people like me, who can do without nail polish. On top of that, I AM PICKY! So when I saw there was a BABY PINK shade, πŸ™ I was further more sad.It makes my hand look hideous. Please FAB BAG… No nail paints for me! Give me eye-liners instead and I will love you more than I do now!
  3. Soap Square – Foot Soak (140 gms -INR 400/-)Getting this foot soak/bath salt of crushed roses made me imagine a good soak in the bath tub with rose petals πŸ˜€ That will be one relaxing vacay! I would rather use this as a bath salt than a foot soak! Soap Square is a SLS free, Paraben free, Cruelty free brand, and this salt has Β – Epsom salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Organic Rose petals and Rose oil! I just don’t feel like opening this!! Want to save this for my upcoming vacation πŸ˜‰ (Hubsy, are you reading this??)
  4. Inatur: Olive Cleansing Milk (Full Size – INR 225/-)Filled with the goodness of five herbs, this cleansing milk is a blessing for your skin as it helps in clearing impurities and also removing make up. This product also claims to reduce the signs of aging. Β Ingredients include Chamomile – known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties ; Geranium oil – known for anti-aging and healing properties, Honey – a natural cleanser and antioxidant; Lavender – known to calm and soothe the skin and Olive -which is a natural mositurizer and cleanser. I have very high hopes with this product.
  5. Elize: Premium Sanitary Pads ( 2 Pads for INR 100/-)You can’t let “that time of the month” hamper your vacay plans, now can you? Introducing Premium sanitary pads by Elize, which cost INR 50 for one, which comes with a disposable bag. Easy to use and easy to discard! The pads are unique, as they have a bamboo charcoal anion strip in the center of the pad to fight smell and reglulate blood circulation ( I don’t know how that happens?). This brand also provides with home delivery, you can check out their website www.elize.club and also get a discount by using the code FABELIZEΒ till 31 July 2017!
  6. Veet Ready-to-use Wax Strips for Sensitive Skin ( Pack of 8 Strips/2 perfect finish wipes – INR 99/-)Veet needs no introduction, but this is a good addition in a travel friendly kit. Unwanted hair can be inappropriate, so when on a go, you can make use of these ready to use wax strips and get the beautiful hair-free look! The 8 strips are ideal for half arms and legs! I got the blue Veet kit which is for sensitive skin!

    Overall verdict:Β I always am impressed by the quality of product and the brands that FAB Bag introduces every month and also give the choice of products too. I wish only that, there was an option for getting a Nail paint. πŸ˜€ I know I must feel like a fuss baby now πŸ˜› .I liked that sanitary pads were included in the bag, it is a necessity when it comes to women, and also the wax strips made this bag a complete ideal bag for travelling. All in all, I am trippin’ ready with the May FAB BAG, are you?

28 thoughts on “The Beauty Trippin’ May Fab Bag

  1. I agree with you on the nail paints they send. I’ve never worn nail paints at all in my life. But I keep receiving them in my FabBag to just lie in my shelf and expire πŸ™ I wish they ask us before sending such products!

  2. The foot soak is the best in the bag. Don’t know why fabbag gives compulsory nail paints. There should also be an option like makeup products. Btw your review is very lively. Like it.

  3. Soap Square – Foot Soak is a real gem <3 the dead skin comes off in no time and eaves tan-free skin.
    Love Veet sensitive too
    Plz review the Inatur: Olive Cleansing Milk in detail if possible as I've heard a lot

  4. i like the veet waxing strips , the nail paint color … bag is also cool this month .. but in my opinion its not worth buying this month …

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