The April GloBox – Review

Hello Beauties! Howz life?

Got my April GloBox came in last week, but things got a bit busy, so I couldn’t get to writing about it. Anyways, this months box is awesome, as I got products worth about 3000 INR. So just lets get to business and check out what all I received in this month’s GloBox.

1. Lord Berry Skin Lip Gloss Star Mauve – (INR 1250/- for 6ml )

Personally I am not a big fan of lip gloss, but this seems like a good one. This is a pale pink colour lip gloss, but I am sure that it will not look good on my lips as my lips are quite pigmented. Like I said before, I am not a very big fan on lip gloss. My sister on the other hand, loves lip glosses, I am sure, she is gonna love this one!

2. Bio Bloom After Bath Oil Basil Lavender – (INR 499/- for 100ml)

Thanks to GloBox, I have received plenty of Bio Bloom products, and have loved each and every one of them. Although I have still not had a chance to try this, I am looking forward to using this body oil soon. This is a blend of essential oils which helps in skin nourishment and revitalizing the skin. It has oils like sesame oil with Sandalwood, Basil Leaves, Saffron & Hibiscus Flower, Sunflower oil, groundnut oil, Jojoba oil, Basil & Lavender essential oils. You need to pat this oil all over your body after a shower, and not rub on the skin.

3. Soap Square Lemongrass with Aloe Butter – (INR 300/- for 100gms)

There is just something very appealing and exotic about getting handmade products. This Soap Square is a filled with beauty wellness for the skin! There is lemon grass and Aloe butter, all hydrating and helps in rejuvenation of skin. Lemongrass has astringent properties that provides skin necessary antiseptic healing, while Aloe Butter is soothing to the skin. Let me mention that this smells amazing!

4. MUA Liquid Eyeliner Shade 3 – (INR 615/- )

GloBox has contributed to growing my MUA collection too. I looooove this eyeliner. This is a beautiful bronze eyeliner and I have already decided on the looks I can create using this liner. I just can’t stop emphasizing how I LOVE eye products (Even tho I am zero with eye makeup:P)

5. Tea Treasure Tropical Hibiscus Green Tea Bag Bottle – (INR 260/-)

I have been wanting to try Hibiscus tea at Coffee Day Or Starbucks since my cousin told me that it is soo soothing and tasty. I got this Hibiscus Green Tea Bag bottle and I am all smiles. Tea Treasure has been a constant brand with GloBox and I have tried their Sweet Dreams Tea before, Will soon try this one out and let you know if I liked it or not.  There are 10 tea bags in this bottle!

Overall Verdict : I should stop complaining that I have to pay INR 2667/- for a three month subscription, because that total worth of products that I got this month is about INR2924/- which means I saved good INR 1975/- on this month’s box! and that too for full sized products!

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