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The Aaranya Skincare Rejuvenating Night Cream : Review, Swatches

Hello Peeps!

At 20-something, you will find that your skin changes as your start hormones settle down and all the blemishes driven by puberty begin to subside. However, with the growing age grow skin concerns like adult acne, blemishes, and dullness i.e. early signs of aging all kudos to unhealthy eating, sleeping less and stress off course!! Taking good care of your skin is essential as soon as you turn 23; its super easy if you incorporate a few steps in your beauty regimen, starting with cleansing, toning, moisturizing and scrubbing!


Also, we tend to underestimate the use of night creams and often don’t make use of it missing out on all the great things it can do to your skin!! Your skin tends to rejuvenate and regenerate at night and this is the best time to be using a good nourishing product that will leave you looking hydrated and young for years especially when you are in your mid-twenties!!

It is unnecessary to go overboard by loading your face with multiple products; instead stick to one product that will make all the difference without having to have a tedious night time skin care routine; after all, all we want to do after a hectic day is to hit the sack!! Night creams are a powerhouse of ingredients meant to improve your skin and fight different signs of aging so you wake up to beautiful skin every morning!

Being a part of the #trialsquad at Glamrada I received the AARANYA SKIN CARE REJUVENATING NIGHT CREAM and have been religiously using it since!

Continue reading to find out how this product fared for me…..

Price:  INR 275 for 50 gms of product

What the company says?:

Skin requires healing in the night for damages done during the day. The process of regeneration dehydrates the skin. Formulated with natural amino extracts, rich nutrients, vitamin E and vitamin A, the night cream rejuvenates the skin by stimulating collagen, and facilitating skin cell regeneration. This cream provides quick recovery from wrinkles, discoloration, loss of elasticity, and other signs of ageing.



Packaging: The Aaranya Rejuvenating Night Cream comes enclosed in a medium sized white tub with blue details and autumn leaves all over! The label comprises of the name of the product, ingredient list, the benefits and basically everything you must know about the cream! Inside is a tiny plastic plate that acts as a protective layer to avoid any mess or spillage of product! This is travel-friendly according to me because it is quite sturdy, though tub packaging is a complete no-no for me as it is unhygienic, I hate dipping my fingers in each time!! I prefer pump dispensers as they are a lot more convenient,prevent mess and are super hygienic.


My Take On The Aaranya Skincare Rejuvenating Night Cream:

As soon as you open the tub, you are welcomed by this refreshing floral fragrance, which is difficult to ignore! It lingers around for a minute or two after you apply the cream!The cream is white in colour with a not-so thick consistency!

This is unlike most night creams which tend to be super thick and take forever to seep into the skin! I usually use this cream after spraying on my Dabur Gulabari rose water, i take a dollop and smear it all over, taking my own sweet time to massage it into my skin. It absorbs in a jiffy giving your skin that healthy boost of hydration without feeling heavy!


 I love how I wake up to softer skin everyday and the good part is that it hasn’t caused any breakouts so far! I really cannot say much about fine lines and wrinkles as those are issues I don’t face as of now! *touch-wood*

However, it is helping with fresh blemishes caused by pimples and my skin looks a lot even now, especially the area around my mouth! I don’t say it has completely cleared up the hyper-pigmented areas of my face, but it is definitely making a difference! I love the fact that it contains Vitamin A & E, Shea butter and amino acids, all excellent ingredients for great skin!


If you are oily skinned and never seem to find a good night cream because they make your face feel like an oil tank; you should definitely opt for the Aaranya Skincare rejuvenating night cream! Dry skinned beauties should definitely find an alternative as this may not give your skin the needed moisture!

Overall Verdict: The Aaranya rejuvenating night cream is an amazing budget friendly moisturizer that is a great for oily skinned beauties as it makes your skin look and feel boosted with hydration without feeling greasy! It is composed of natural ingredients which help the skin look youthful and super soft! This is my current go-to night cream as it is a decent cream that does the job pretty well for those of you on a budget who don’t want to spend a fortune on expensive night creams or serums!!! Don’t recommend this to dry skinned women though!

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Mommy Likes:

  1. Budget friendly night cream
  2. Contains natural ingredients
  3. Makes skin soft
  4. Regular usage helps with uneven skin and blemishes
  5. Great pick for oily skin
  6. Absorbs quickly
  7. Doesn’t feel heavy
  8. Hydrates the skin

Mommy Dislikes:

  1. Isn’t the best for dry skin
  2. Unhygienic packaging
  3. Available online only

Mommy Rating: 3/5


P.S This was sent for PR purposes, however, our opinions are unbiased and completely honest.

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  1. To be honest I kinda underestimated their products when I saw it withing drugstore shelves but it seems quite promising! Do need to get my hands on some of their product 🙂 Thanks for the review!

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