Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara Review, Dupe

A good mascara can make your makeup 200 times better, and any eye look is incomplete without it!! I love to have lashes that SCREAM volume, especially because I do not have those naturally thick lashes that I crave for! So, in order to get the desired look, I always try out new mascaras that are both lengthening and volumizing! I got the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara as a gift from my cousin and I have had a love-hate relationship with it since! Read more about the product below to know if it is worth a try!?


A little about the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara

A lengthening, curling, volumizing, and conditioning mascara infused with olive esters to condition, treat, and protect lashes. 

My Review of the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara

To begin with, it took me quite some time to figure out the wet formula, the mascara wand which was difficult to work with and the clumpy end result after application!

Packaging: I absolutely love how this mascara has been packed! Such a beautiful and classy packaging! I am a complete sucker for good packaging, and this one stole my heart! I love that it is PURPLE, and is encased in nice leathery snake-skinned attire! Even though, the outside is really pretty, the inside turns out to be the contrary, as it is quite messy!  Once the wand is pulled out, a lot of product comes out as well, so that needs to be cleaned before you apply it! J

Application:  The mascara works amazingly in curling and lengthening the lashes while adding volume to it! However, you need to be very careful with application, as going over-board is only going to leave you with unappealing spider lashes! The lashes tend to be held in place, if you apply the mascara and then curl it with your eyelash curler! I am not really a fan of the mascara wand, but I like how it coats each and every eye lash!


Formula: This baby has a really wet formula, and makes your lashes feel like they have been coated in whipped cream, which means, it’s quite light! You need to be very careful with wet formulas, because if not applied properly, they cause clumping, which is not a very good sight to see! It makes the eyes look like you are wearing a pair of falsies!

Color:  The color is jet black which accentuates those lashes brilliantly and also highlights the eyes! The volume the built up and the enhanced length of my lashes after applying it, impressed me a lot!

Longevity: The mascara is great when it comes to the staying power as it lasted on me pretty much all day! I accidentally rubbed my eyes and this amazing mascara did not come off one bit, may be that is because I do not have oily eye lids or watery eyes! The opinion on this context may differ if you have watery eyes!  While trying to remove it, it comes of easily like butter!


Pros of the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara

  1. Love LOVE the packaging to bits!
  2. Jet black color
  3. Lengthens and curls nicely
  4. Brightens up the eyes
  5. Accentuates eye lashes
  6. Stays all day long
  7. Doesn’t smudge on me
  8. Easy to wash off
  9. Cruelty free
  10. Is not irritating to the eyes!
  11. Is light weight
  12. Gives that false lash effect

Cons of the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara

  1. It’s too pricey
  2. Is not easily available in India (But I guess tarte has started shipping to India)
  3. Took me some time to figure out how it works
  4. Can be a bit messy on the inside
  5. I’m not really fond of the mascara wand!
  6. Can screw up the entire look, if not used right!

Price: I got mine as a gift, but it is priced at 21 dollars!

Mommy Rating: 3.4/5

Dupes:  Maybelline The Falsies Mascara


Would I recommend it?

I would say “Maybe”! I am neutral on this view, because there are a lot of other mascaras available in the market that work just as good! J You can get it if you do not mind the high price tag, but can give it a pass if you prefer not to spend so much money on a mascara! Mascaras from L’Oreal or Maybelline work just as good- minus the high price! J

Final Verdict: Having said that I have a love-hate relationship with this mascara, I would say that it is a good mascara to own, but not “WORTH” spending so much money on! It works well on lengthening and volumizing the lashes, but you need to take your time to figure out how it really works, to get the desired results! J Even though the pros outweigh the cons, I would still say, it is an AVERAGE mascaraJ. The best part of this product would definitely be that it’s cruelty free! J

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