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Super Gummy Kids Vitamins – Gummy Candy Bears for the missing nutrients in your child’s diet

Hello Mommies!

Now all of us are constantly searching for many options for providing nutrition to our children. No matter what we give them, we personally feel that it is just not enough for our children. As children, we have had much healthier food and also every thing was home made! Now-a-days, due to social pressure and also for the fact that mothers are not just home makers, but are also working, I find there is a lot lesser time to prepare homemade food, and also because of weather, and many external factors, the food isn’t as nutritious as it used to be. We have been hearing stories of how there is plastic included in rice, or sugar, and so many other such things. It really makes me wonder how are we going to provide the much needed nutrition to our kids?

All of us have those kids – who make faces when they see a glass of milk, or have endless reasons to say NO to the veggies. I personally face a very challenging time with my three kids, who let me tell you, are as choosy as they can be! All the three demand different meal options which for me as a mom, is sometimes impossible because of a chaotic routine I have. I have been on the edge of my seat, looking for healthy options for my children because I want them to have a healthy childhood, and I want them to eat anything that will make them happy. So what will that be?

The answer is pretty clear – I have ended my search with these awesome little bears which are a delight to my children! Super Gummy Kids Vitamins!

From the Super Gummy Page: 


As a mother, we understand your top most priority, is for your children to be healthy and smart. To meet this demand, we formed a team of like-minded health nuts who made it their life goal to create some nutritional magic with an added dose of passion, child-like wonder and not to mention the much needed pixie dust!

Here at the Super Gummy factory, we have handcrafted a special product, a yummy chewable supplement that will give your child all the nutrients they require everyday with our range of gummies that come in 4 flavors catering to the different aspects of nutrition required by your child.

Putting together the right blend of nutrients, we make sure that every gummy – red or yellow, strawberry or mango, makes your kids SMARTER, STRONGER & HAPPIER.

What are Super Gummy Kids Vitamins? 

Super Gummy Kids Vitamins are chew-able supplements which are just like jello! Super Gummy is made only of natural ingredients, flavour and colours, it does not contain high levels of sugar. Glucose and sugar levels are well below daily-recommended levels, and used only to mask the sour taste of nutrients.

Who is it for?

It is recommended to be used for children above 3 years. A daily recommended dosage is 1 or 2 Super Gummies daily.

Why Super Gummy?

The need for healthy children and making sure that they eat healthy is a top priority of every mother. I think that all the nutrition that the children don’t derive from their daily meal intakes can be successfully recovered with the help of these Gummy Vitamins! Fussy eaters rule every mothers lives, So not only does Super Gummy Vitamins provide the necessary nutrients for the children, they also act as a very good bribe IF the children finish their meals 😉

There is no gelatin, nuts, soy, milk, preservative = all the baddies out, which some children can have a reaction with .

There gummies are filled with natural colour, flavour, sugar but very less, is fat free, and 100% vegetarian! So the kids are getting the best out of these adorable gummies.

Different Flavours of Super Gummy:

Different flavours of gummies cater to different nutrients. Super Gummy has 4 different flavours, all I must say are with catchy names and amazing taste. The makers have successfully tried to mask the smell of nutrients with the help of flavours, which makes it a tasty treat for the children.

1. Super Gummy – Masti Mango: (YELLOW)

This gummy has Calcium + Vitamin D which helps build strong bones and joints. Being mango flavour, this one is my children’s favourite and the first pack to finish.  2 Super Gummy are equal to calcium in 150 ml of milk and 1 large egg. Children have plenty of physical changes and a healthy intake of calcium will allow them to have a normal bone development. Vitamin D helps for the calcium absorption in the bones.

BUY HERE:  Super Gummy – Masti Mango

2. Super Gummy – OMG! Orange: (ORANGE)

This gummy has Zinc + Vitamins which helps in building immunity. The flavour of zinc can be felt in the taste of these gummies, but it is acceptable to my children, so I have no complains. 1 Super gummy is enough to provide Vitamin C of 1 orange, Zinc in 375 gms of Spinach, Vitamin A in half cup of carrots, Vitamin D in white mushrooms. Now so many good things in one adorable gummy, it is just a great combination I would say. Zinc and Vitamins aid in strengthening the immune system, which leave the children less susceptible to illness and improves their health and vision.

Buy Here:  Super Gummy – OMG! Orange

3. Super Gummy –  Glorious Guava: (PINK)

This gummy has Multi Vitamins which aids in total health! 2 super gummies daily can provide nutrients equivalent to 16 Vitamins and minerals present in green veggies, fruits, eggs and nuts. The flavour of guava is so tempting, I popped in 2 as well, because it is THAT tasty. My kids prefer mango and guava over all other flavours.

Buy Here: Super Gummy –  Glorious Guava

4. Super Gummy – Smashing Strawberry: (RED)

This gummy has Iron + Vitamins which is useful to build muscle and improve cognitive functions of a child. The taste of Iron can be felt in the gummies, so my children eat this with a face, these are yummy nonetheless. One super gummy is equal to iron in 400 gms of Spinach, Vitamin B 9( Folate) in 200 gms of Spinach, Vitamin C in half orange, and Vitamin B 12 in an egg. No matter how much the kids try to avoid, I still make sure that I make them eat one, so that they gain the necessary Iron in their body. Iron helps in formation of Hemoglobin which helps to carry oxygen around the body and Vitamins are necessary for absorption of minerals and nutrients into the body

Buy Here: Super Gummy – Smashing Strawberry

Overall Verdict:  Super Gummies in their different flavours are saviours! A great way to make sure that the children get their essential nutrients and minerals in a very fun way. The different flavours make it all the more attaractive to the children, and even though there is a great storage option in the pouch, it is zip-lock, I still have put them all together in a jar, so that my children can have any and as many, within the recommended dosage, that is). I am so glad I got to try these and I am sure, every mom out there would love it when their children will have these gluten free, fat free yummyness.

Mommy Rating: 4.8/5

P.S:  The products were sent to us for PR, and the opinions expressed are our own, after trying out the products for about 15 days or more. 

20 thoughts on “Super Gummy Kids Vitamins – Gummy Candy Bears for the missing nutrients in your child’s diet

  1. Calcium supplements help in developing bone health. This gummy bear supplements are attractive, so kids will have it easily.

  2. What an interesting way to help fussy kids with necessary nutrients. While I do believe that we must always try the natural resources, often when unwell or when there are certain types of foods that the kids are fussy about, these are a really good option.

  3. I’m so happy that they are chewable supplements like jello and comes with low sugar content and real extracts. Great way to maintain the must vitamins .

  4. It’s hard for us to give nutritious foods to the children because they are picky eaters. Vitamins are important and these Super Gummy Kids Vitamins are perfect for the kids, they will enjoy eating this nutritious Gummy Candy Bears.

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