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SUGAR -YES PLEASE!!! Sugar Cosmetics! – What I Own!

Every one has it, and every one is talking about it! Yes, SUGAR has really made a huge impact in the beauty world with its awesome collection of cosmetics. Be it from their bold shades of lip crayons to their recent launch of SP15 compacts, Sugar really has made every girl happy with products that are chic and classy! From their packaging to their long lasting pigmentation.. everything is just right with SUGAR cosmetics. This is one brand that keeps bringing new additions that I want to grab onto at the first opportunity I get!


About Sugar – We believe you can make heads turn wherever you go and wear your attitude on your sleeves. We believe in having your back when you’re short of a back-up plan. We believe you should own your personality, not just wear it. For us, makeup is not just a necessity; it’s a statement that says, “I am beautiful but a dash of lipstick every once in a while makes me feel sexy”.  We know there is a lot that goes into looking gorgeous which is why we’ve introduced Sugar, a range of cosmetics that complements the sweet & sassy side of you. Our products are everything you need to look stunning while you’re on the go; you might just fall in love with yourself all over again. That’s the power of Sugar which lasts long, really long.

I have made myself quite a collection (not a lot-  but enough so) and I love some of the products and I have a so-so opinion about the others.. Read on, and find out more about what I loved, and what are not so favourite products of mine from my SUGAR collection.


I begin with my favourite amongst all the products I own. There are actually three out of the 9 produts that I own, that I have actually repurchased! The very first SUGAR product that I got was the MATTE AS HELL CRAYON LIPSTICK – 04 HOLLY GO LIGHTLY, and I instantly fell in love with it. There are very few shades that I like, and if you have been reading my posts for a while, you would know that I am a very annoyingly picky person when it comes to buying lipsticks, especially online, unless I know the shade of course! So, when I actually got this beauty, I was just in awe with the packaging and the shade is an ultimate Nude to die for! It is an ideal lippie that you should consider to soften the bold eye look!  I have repurchased this because I use it so often.. and it is a little highly priced at INR 699 . It is an ideal lip shade which is suitable to most skin types. You can read more about this beauty here

The very next SUGAR LOVE is the Stroke of Genius Heavy-Duty Kohl -01 BACK TO BLACK. This made it to the Top 5 Kajals I am crazy about as my number one Kajal! Yes, it truly has my heart because of the intense pigmentation! I love Kajals anyday.. but love this Sugar kohl the most, because it is pigmented and you just need literally one stroke for a bold kajal on your water line. This beauty is priced INR 399, which according to me is a steal because you get a lot of product with a free sharpener for 399 and get your desired look over and over again! If you haven’t tried it out, you should definitely check it out, because it is the ultimate!

Then on my list is the IT’S A POUT TIME! VIVID LIPSTICK – 06 PEACHY LITTLE LIARS which is priced at INR 599. This Nude pink shade is an absolute must have for all the nude shade lovers. I can’t exaggerate enough the creamy texture of this baby which settles down to an amazing matte finish, but doesn’t dry out the lips at all! It is a cheap dupe of MAC Mehr according to me and it is one of my go-to shades! I love the fact that this shade goes with a majority of skin tones.. including mine 😛

The SUGAR AS NUDE AS IT GETS SPF15 COMPACT -02 CAPPUCCINO is my next love. The compact has launched three shades. The compact overall has a typical SUGAR cosmetics feel to it, which I love. I like the fact that this compact has an ultra light weight formula that doesn’t make the face look cakey and gives a matte finish. It is important that there is no sheen or white cast on the face after application. For INR 699, you get a good product which is not my preferred compact after my MAC compact.

“EYE” love everything about EYE Makeup (Although I am not good with makeup). LASH MOB LIMITLESS MASCARA – 01 BLACK WITH A BANG was a good addition to my make up stash. This creamy textured mascara is amazing as it provides easy application of the mascara, separating each lash coating it well with the product and also providing the much needed volume to the eye lashes. I personally like this because of the very fact that it makes your eye pop-out with intensity! For INR 699, I trust it is worth the price(although a slightly high), since  it does give good definition to the lashes.


It is not that I don’t like these products… it is just that I could have chosen something else over these SUGAR products

I might have rated the SMUDGE ME NOT LIQUID LIPSTICK’s a 4.8/5, but out of all the SUGAR products I own, I would like these products especially to get some work done on.. It’s not that I don’t like them per se, but the fact that I have hyper dry and chapped lips, I somehow feel that these lipsticks aren’t just my thing. I mean, I do scrub and hydrate my lips, but I would still like these lipsticks to be less drying. I own two shades,  03 TAN FAN and 09 Suave Mauve. You can check out my review here 

IT’S A POUT TIME! VIVID LIPSTICK – 01 THE BIG BANG BERRY is a good shade, it is just not MY shade. if given a chance , I would chose some other shade over this one, but since I got this shade at the time when we didn’t have options to choose our preferred colour of lipsticks in the FABBAG, I had no choice. The colour is good, but I think I have worn this maybe once!

TIP TAC TOE NAIL LACQUER CLASSIC – 02 GOODNESS GRAY-CIOUS was a part of my March FABBAG. It’s again not that it’s not a pretty shade.. I am just not a nail polish person. I know most people think I am weird, but I some how am not used to wearing nail paints at all. So this nail paint has made it to my “so-so” list for the mere fact that I am not a nail paint person 😛

SUGAR has recently launched more shades to their LIP CRAYON collection! I am dying to try out 3 shades in particular – Elle Woods, Jackie Brown and Viola!

What SUGAR COSMETICS are you favourite??

Find out more about SUGAR products here


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  1. Wow, that’s such a collection. You know what, even I think sometimes to do such a post… since even I do not have any idea how many products from Sugar I own 🙂
    I am quite addicted to SUGAR for sure…

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