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Splurge Daily Moisturizer with Sun Protection – Mini Review

Hello Beauties!
Moisturizers play a very important role in maintaining your skin, and almost every brand nowadays has their skin care line dedicated to the usual C-T-M routine! We all love having healthy flawless skin, but with the constant exposure to pollution and changing temperature, it gets pretty difficult to maintain a clear complexion! I have never been a fan of cream based moisturizers for my face, and always settled down for oils!!

Grapeseed oil and Olive oil have been patent in my beauty regimen for years, but I couldn’t manage using them during the day, all thanks to their sticky nature! The splurge daily moisturizing lotion wad introduced to me by GloBox and after much contemplation I decided to include it in my skin care regimen and give oils a break!! So, this is what I think of the product:

Packed in a white themed bottle with a tightly fitted pump dispenser, the product has a basic yet appealing touch to it! On the back are all the details about the product mentioned! To be honest, this moisturizer has been with me for the longest time, but I never really tried it out until a few days ago when I checked for the ingredient list, I was surprised to see both grapeseed oil and olive oil as the key ingredients!
Also, it contains Zinc Oxide which is great for pimple prone skin! I’m not sure if many of you know this, diaper rash creams are great for treating pimples/acne and that is due to the presence of Zinc Oxide, if you never gave those tubes for your baby’s bottom a shot for those pesky zits, consider trying them out now!!
The splurge moisturizer has a liquid consistency, lotion like but a little runny! It smells good, and if you ask me to relate it to something, I’d say it smells like Clinic Plus shampoo! You need just a pump of the product to cover your entire face and it gets absorbed in less than a minute without feeling greasy, heavy or basically like there’s nothing on your face!
I love the fact that it contains an SPF, and love using it everyday! Nevertheless, I would have loved if the brand mentioned how much of SPF the product contained!! Efficiency wise, it works great as a moisturizer due to the presence of shea butter but does nothing else than offering some sun protection! It does not claim to be brightening or whitening, however I find my pimples going down a bit post each use!
Overall, this is my go-to moistutizer which contains the goodness of both my favorite grapeseed and olive oil! It works great for all skin types and hydrates the skin really well. A decent product with no false claims whatsoever! Recommended to all my readers!
Mommy Likes
1. Basic packaging
2. Smells good
3. Help with pimples
4. Has goodness of oils
5. Contains shea butter
6. Hydrates
7. Offers sun protection
Mommy dislikes:
1. Isn’t available easily
2. Spf content not mentioned
3. Pricey
Mommy rating- 4/5

15 thoughts on “Splurge Daily Moisturizer with Sun Protection – Mini Review

  1. This is surely a new brand for me, but happy to know it’s beneficial and holds good to its claims. Wish it would have been easily available for everyone’s reach.

  2. the moisturiser looks goid from your review despite of being bit pricey. SPF infused lotion break my skin, but zinc oxide is actually quite beneficial for acne prone skin.

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