Seven Simple Tips and Tricks to Clean Your Cosmetics

Hello to every woman out there that loves her makeup and wants to keep it in its best condition as long as possible! Cosmetic products are quite important for this part of the human population and you should know how to properly take care of your beauty items and tools. That’s why we decided to make a helpful list for you and we are here to offer you some tips and tricks for a clean cosmetic collection.
The first thing we strongly advise you to do is to throw away the things that are out of date. Search the internet to find out how long it takes to certain products to expire and if you have too old ones – immediately throw them away! Your lipstick, for example, expires after three years, and any cosmetic face creams are no longer usable after two years. Not only that they are no longer the same after the expiration date, but they can also cause irritation to the skin and more serious problems, which you definitely want to avoid. The rule stands for makeup items, lotions, creams, nail polish, hairspray, face powder, foundation, etc. – basically everything that has an expiration date.
The next step is cleaning! Keeping your products good as long as possible will happen, if you take good care of them. After you tossed out unnecessary items and creams, you can begin with the cleaning of your cosmetics, starting from your cosmetic bag. When you’ve emptied the bag, turn it inside out and wipe it with alcohol wipes. They will take off the excess cosmetic dirt and you don’t need to do more than just wipe the bag. Another way to make it look like new is to put it in the washing machine.
The next step is to take care of your makeup products. Clean the outside parts of lipsticks, eyelash pencils, lip pencils and similar items. It is good to disinfect them too, with alcohol-based wet wipes, and leave them to dry completely before you organise them.
Make sure you take your time when cleaning your brushes and other beauty items like eyelash curler and other beauty tools. To clean your brushes, wet your hand and the brush and gently massage the bristles on your hand with soapy water and then rinse with warm water. After that leave the brushes to air dry and they are good to be used again. For your eyelash curler and other steel tools, use rubbing alcohol and a cloth. Wipe them and they are perfectly disinfected!
Don’t forget to clean your hairbrush. The best way to do it is to first remove all excess hair off it. Next, take an old toothbrush, put some shampoo on it and scrub the hairbrush. Rinse it with some warm water and leave it to dry over a sheet of paper. Place it with the bristles facing down to the paper.
If the cosmetic bag is not the only place you put your make up, you might want to do a quick wipe of the shelves and drawers . After that separate the items and organize them by categories. Put lipsticks together, separate mascaras from eyeliners and so on. For your other cosmetics, which are not makeup products or tools, do the same – body lotions separated from face creams. Find a container or an ornamented box for all of your nail polishes and nail tools. A separate drawer could also work.
Your organising can begin. We will not tell you how to organise your own cosmetics, because we already gave you a tip. The best way is to separate everything according to its use.

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