Seven Reasons That Cause Your Menstrual Cycle To Be Held Up!

Period 2You never give it a thought that you miss your periods until they are late! Before you push the panic button, keep in mind that there are several things that are messing with your cycle- no it’s not “pregnancy” for sure.  Take a few breaths and it will surely show up. Stop thinking about it, in the interim, here are seven reasons why your periods are held up.

  1. If you travel a lot, your period could go on a vacation too! Long flights, visiting new places, time differences and travelling can mess up with your periods! Sometimes, it can cause your periods to occur earlier, while, it may be the contrary for some! Just chill and enjoy your vacation and let your cycle adjust. This is absolutely normal!Image 3

   2.   Have you been sick lately? That nasty cold is surely causing your periods to come late, especially if it occurs in the middle of your ovulation period. You period might occur a week or two later or you might just miss it completely! This happens due to your body’s potential to fight bacteria, and it can’t multi-task, to ovulation is given a back seat! Don’t worry, if you miss your period while you are sniffling!!


         3. Stress messes up with your cycle too! There are a number of reasons that make us undergo stress, it could be a break-up, exam pressure, work, family or anything. There are higher chances that you miss your period when you are extremely stressed, the ovulation is held up until you are not stressed. It is nature’s way of dealing with it. So, just relax!

          periodss24. A sudden change in your weight can impact your period! Yes, a gradual increase or decrease in your weight is good, but when it happens suddenly and frequently it does cause a tough time on your hormones while trying to adjust to your new body. Your weight does impact your periods, so be slow with it!

Image 6

5. Well, this is one of the reasons why we just cannot seem to have our period on time i.e. miscalculation! ;P yes, the average cycle takes about 28 days, but that just varies from girl to girl! This makes it very confusing to calculate your next period, which could also mean that it’s not late! Also, keep in mind that, if your period is slightly irregular and doesn’t appear on the same day as the previous one, it’s nothing to be concerned about, it’s normal! Entwine the eccentrics of your body!


6. PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome) is very common and majority of the girls do not find out their entire lives that they suffer from it! It is basically a hormonal imbalance which modifies the progesterone, estrogen and testosterone levels in the body, which are related to your periods. Period irregularity is one of the easiest yet treatable symptoms of PCOS. Visit your doctor if you feel like you have it, also another reason that you could be missing out on your period is thyroid! So watch out!

   Image 7

7. If you have just switched to a new routine, like you have joined a new college, changed your sleeping habits or are you staying up all night? One of the reasons for your flow to be held up could be a change in your routine as your cycle is trying to catch up with it and that makes your hormones confused. This could happen at times when you were ovulating, if the change started at that time of the month! Don’t fret, your body will get used to your new lifestyle, and everything will fall into place, your periods too. Just have patience!peridss.jpg

Missing your period or having it late is quite normal, it is just a sign that there may be things that need a bit of change when it comes to your lifestyle!! If you have made new changes in your daily routine just go with the flow, once your body has adjusted, your periods will occur normally as they used to. So, worry not, it’s not something to be concerned about!

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