Secret Scent Expressions Oh La La Lavender Anti-perspirant- Keeps you feeling fresh all day long!

Hello beauties,

Hope you are all doing great!   It’s a lovely day today! Today I bring to you a review of – the Secret Oh La La Lavender antiperspirant deodorant!! I am sure all of you have your favorite anti-perspirant deodorant that you cannot live without!! Antiperspirants work as a defensive shield against the unpleasant body odor and embarrassing wetness in the underarm area, they temporarily block the sweat ducts, which decreases the intensity of perspiration produced, which indirectly reduces the sweat. I’ve been using Secret for about five years now and it has never disappointed me!! So, let’s see what this product has to offer!!!


Active Ingredients: Aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex Gly 19% (anhydrous)….antiperspirant

Inactive Ingredients: cyclopentasiloxane, stearyl alcohol, C12-15 alkyl benzoate, PPG-14 butyl ether, cyclodextrin, petrolatum, phenyl trimethicone, hydrogenated castor oil, talc, fragrance, ozokerite, behenyl alcohol, panthenyl triacetate, tocopheryl acetate, acetyl glucosamine

Product Description:

  • Reduces Underarm Wetness
  • 48-hour odor protection
  • Strong enough for a woman

Shelf Life: Isn’t mentioned on the pack!

Price and Quantity: It is priced around 400-500 INR here in India for 73 grams of product

Packaging: Secret has their trademark blue packaging that is easy to twist up to all their anti-perspirants. It’s quite nice and sturdy! They also come in mini versions of these deodorants, which I absolutely adore; they are extremely cute, tiny and easy to carry around in your purse!! I hate to carry around my favorite perfume bottles; they just add to the weight and are prone to breakage, so I just don’t want to end up messing my purse and my perfume!!  The packaging has a slight hint of purple on the label which I like! 



Pros of the Secret Scent Expressions Oh La La Lavender Anti-perspirant Deodorant:

  1. Sturdy packaging
  2. Smells fresh
  3. Lasts really long
  4. Easy to carry around
  5. Delivers what it claims
  6. Does not fade completely even after hours of wearing it

Cons of the Secret Scent Expressions Oh La La Lavender Anti-perspirant Deodorant:

  1. Not easily available
  2. Pretty expensive at online stores

My Experience with the Secret Scent Expressions Oh La La Lavender Anti-perspirant Deodorant

Fragrance:  As the name suggests, the invisible solid has a nice and fresh lavender smell, which I quite like. I think it is very important for anti-perspirants to smell refreshing! With this anti-perspirant I have never felt the need to add on another deodorant, as it does smell really good!!

Lasting power: I don’t usually use this more than once a day, it does fade to some extent but not to the extremes of making you smell sweaty and not nice!! It stays for a good amount of time, which I like, unlike most other brands that begin to fade after a few hours of application!!! I did try to use other brands, but I somehow switch back to this one for the amazing lasting power and fragrance!!

I feel Secret Oh la la Lavender, is one of the best anti-perspirants out there!! It smells refreshing, which is one of the most important traits of a good anti-perspirant!! There are other variants out there too that I really like, but this stands to be my favorite of them all!! Go for this baby, if you want a good and longer lasting deodorant…


Whether I would recommend this product again?

Yes, it is a really good anti-perspirant in comparison to all the other anti-perspirants I’ve tried so far

Mommy Rating: 5/5


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