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Recently Launched – SUGAR Cosmetics “As Nude As It Gets” SP15 Compact – 02 Cappuccino – First Impressions, Review

Yes, I was excited when I heard of the latest launch by SUGAR cosmetics – As Nude As It Gets  SP15 Compact! SUGAR Cosmetics has had me drooling on all of their products, including this compact. I just cannot emphasize enough on how awesome the quality of the products are.. okay… so now for the review:

Price: This beautiful black beauty is priced at INR 699/-. I got mine from the Fab Bag, but you can purchase it on the Fabbag website, or the SUGAR website! 😀

Colour : Since I am of Medium-Fair complexion, I chose the medium shade out of the three shades that were launched.. Sugar As Nude As It Gets SP15 Compact – 02 Cappuccino ; The other two shades that were launched were 01 Latte (Light) &  03 Macchiato (Medium)

Packaging : The SUGAR packaging never failed to impress me. The outer cover is amazing abstract form of art, just like there is the PRISMA used on the girl. The Ingredients are listed on the back, and the shade name is printed on the front.  The actual baby however is gorgeous! It is a beautiful black case, with the SUGAR “S” on the top. The back has the shade name printed. When you open the case,  you can see the applicator sponge placed on the top, and a small plastic sheet separating the sponge from the product. The compact inside has the “S” engraved in it. Overall, it is a pretty site!

Product Claims: Protects skin with patented Screen-Tech Technology while SPF15 provides UVA/UVB protection. Super lightweight with excellent shading. Velvet finish with homogeneous application. Paraben-free. Oil and Mineral-oil free. Nano-ingredient free. Anti-oxidant.

Ingredients:  Refer the picture for the product ingredients:

First Impressions :  I wanted to begin this review without much bias.. that’s why I thought that I should let you know what I thought about it the moment I saw it… well, as you might have already guessed it… I am in LOVE! Yes, right from the packaging to the coverage, everything about this compact screams AWESOME.  I can already see that I will love using this product..
You can feel your skin looking flawless, and yes, it does provide with sun protection. I could feel the noticeable difference when I used this compact. I did not need to re-touch it for a good 4-5 hours. It feels light on the skin and does not make you feel chalky or cakey.. <3

Mommy Likes:
1. The packaging is amazing
2. Love that the product is Paraben free
3. Provides UVA/UVB Protection
4. Reasonable price.
5. Neat and clean packaging
6. Travel friendly
7. Has great coverage and does not make skin look chalky/cakey

Mommy Dislikes:
1. Available only on “Online stores”
2. Available only in 3 shades, they should soon launch more colours as there are plenty of people who might get disappointed because there are only 3 shades..

Mommy Rating: 4.5/5


4 thoughts on “Recently Launched – SUGAR Cosmetics “As Nude As It Gets” SP15 Compact – 02 Cappuccino – First Impressions, Review

    1. I know Bhumika, the choice of shades is exactly my nightmare while online shopping, but thankfully I got my match here, I use the shade Cappuccino and it’s my exact match. I think it is safe to go with that shade 😀

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