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Nyassa – From Heaven and Earth – A sensual bath ritual Temple Mogra Gift set

I am a big fan of fragrance. So I have a good collection of fragrances, and I tend to keep piling on perfumes and everything that smells nice which obviously is not something that everyone is really fond of. With all the celebrations and a month of festivities, I tend to look for gifting options, and I am glad I was given an option to try this, which I MUST tell you is amazing… Read on to find out more about the Nyassa Temple Mogra Gift set, that was sent to me by the brand for a collaboration.

Price: INR 999/-

Packaging: The packaging is amazing! I love the pretty box of green with pink flowers! The packaging looks really classy, an ideal gift set I would say. The products are snugly packed in the box, so there is no worry of the contents spilling or moving around in the box. Each bottle is plugged with a stopper cap, so no spillage. Also, I love that there is a section for all the things to be neatly placed in the box… Overall, it just looks elegant!

Nyassa A sensual bath ritual “Temple Mogra” consists of:

  1. Temple Mogra Handmade soap 50gms

    The soap has made the whole box smell like fresh mogra flowers. You can smell the mogra from the closed box too. The hand made soap is filled with the goodness of Shea Butter which is a natural mosturizer and sun protectant and also rich in Vitamin A and E. The Mogra extract helps in fighting fine lines on skin and helps in keeping it blemish free. Using this made me smell like I was wearing the flowers! The fragrance I tell you is truly overpowering! I would really suggest that people who cannot bear the strong scent should stay away from this!

  2. Temple Mogra Shower Gel 50ml

    The shower gel is a pretty green liquid with extracts of Mogra flowers, beetroot extract, and many other essential products that are 100% vegetarian! I still cannot insist enough the beautiful smell it leaves on your skin post use! It lathers richly and the scent lingers on your body for a longer duration of time! If you are a big, big BIG fan of such strong scents, this is definitely a must buy!

  3. Temple Mogra Shampoo 50 ml

    The shampoo left such a pretty scent on my head that its fragrance was caught from the inside of my headscarf! Now you can totally imagine the strength of the fragrance.  Of course there is Mogra extract in this too, along with beetroot extract, Hibiscus extracts and all 100 percent vegetarian ingredients that will make your hair shine bright! I love the fact that all the gift set products smell the same!

  4. Temple Mogra Conditioner 50 ml

    A shampoo routine feels incomplete with out a conditioner, the same Mogra smell even from the conditioner can make you smell really divine! There is goodness or Argan oil, shea butter, hibiscus extract, sweet almond oil, and mogra extracts along with all the vegetarian components of a conditioner. The Conditioner is a white thick liquid to be used after shampoo to condition your hair.

  5. Temple Mogra Light Body Lotion 50 ml

    This whole “temple ritual” will be incomplete without using this amazing light body lotion which feels very light on the skin. The scent is of course really lingering on your body for a long time! I personally am in love with the lotion more as it does not feel very sticky on the skin! The ingredient list again consists of Mogra extracts and vegetarian sources of all the things nice for the skin

Overall Verdict:  with so many festivities around the corner, this seems like a perfect gifting option.. I am extremely fond of this beautiful scent and would advise you to give it to someone who appreciates strong notes of fragrance. This is an ideal gift that I would love to give to my loved ones

Mommy Likes:

1. Pretty packaging
2. Ideal gifting option
3. Lovely fragrance that lingers for a long time
4. Gift set containing – shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion and shower gel!

Mommy Dislikes:

1. Available online

Mommy Rating : 4.5/5

P.S: Blogger Collaboration – Products sent for review by Nyassa, but the opinions expressed are my own

18 thoughts on “Nyassa – From Heaven and Earth – A sensual bath ritual Temple Mogra Gift set

  1. Even I love layering perfumes/scents like this using the shampoo+soap+lotion
    I think they got the mogra scent right (as you seem to love it ) – generally Jasmine is done wrong by most perfume companies & give headaches

  2. It had always been my favorite ❤️ and your review in these products gave certainly given an additional points to try it out for sure 😍👍

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