Newly Launched ZoBag – First Impressions and Review

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Make your mom feel special with this latest launch in beauty wellness subscription bag that is going to give your mom the much needed pampering and love… show her the appreciation by gifting her the ZOBAG.

About ZoBag: 

ZoBag is a monthly beauty bag , with products to provide you with lots of TLC. There is a plethora of brands that you can get the products from, so you can be assured to get 5-6 products monthly that will provide you skin and hair care products!  The plus here is that this bag provides you with full sized products and also this is a super affordable bag .

The ZoBag has two options; Both are pocket friendly and a great choice
1. ZoBag costs INR 499 which can include upto 6 products
2. ZoBag mini costs INR 199 which has about 4 products.

If you ask me, I would suggest you to go ahead with the normal ZoBag, cause it is value for money

The Theme – The ZoBag is theme based, there will be products based on a particular set theme every month. This month is the Head to Toe Paraben Free theme. The products included in this months bag are indeed Paraben free and skin friendly, ideal for the summer heat!

The Bag – Coming to the bag, the Bag this month is quite a sight! The bag is made of Jute, with Be your Own Queen printed in golden on one side of the bag, and ZoBag printed on the other side. The bag does give the “closer to Earth” feeling, just like how the theme of this month is. The bag’s zipper has a pretty golden tassel. I can’t stop gushing about just the bag!

#BeYourOwnQueen is an amazing tagline to go by! There is also a placard in the bag, where you are required to give a reason why you are your own Queen. Check what I have to say about it

I am totally impressed with the care and love that each bag is packed with. I would like to add that these personal touches make a subscription worth while! I loved how care was taken to present the bag.  The bag was snugly wrapped in husk, making the bag resistant to damages while it is being delivered. Believe me, when I received my package, I thought it was rummaged through because of the state I received it in, but thankfully things inside were untouched! I just loved how there was Rose potpourri spread over the package. The Bag was neatly wrapped in a transparent heart printed sheet, with a cute pink  ribbon.

The Products – Now let’s get on with the products. Let me mention that I have never used any of the products that I have got in the bag, so, I will be reviewing out all of the given items soon, when I am done using them. I will just be listing out the products, their prices and their claims and descriptions as is on the products. So bear with me please!

Being the Head-to-Toe Paraben Free themed bag, the products that were sent are both for hair care and skin care.. so let us begin with the actual unbagging!

1. Aryanveda Arganic Hair Serum (50 ml for INR600)

This serum is amazing for your hair, I can say so, just by looking at the great ingredients it has. It has Vitamin E, Omega 9, Argan Oil, Omega 3 and natural ingredients, all proven to improve hair health and make your hair revitalized and repaired. I for one, am soo eager to use this product! I need so much care for my Hijab covered hair, and I am sure that this serum will help my dull, lifeless hair.

2. MCaffeine Smooth Jazz Caffeine Body Butter (50 ml for INR 399)

You cannot have enough moisturizers for your skin. Your skin needs all the pampering you can give. I have previously used a MCaffeine face wash, so I am sure that the body butter that I got this month will help my skin too! This body butter contains natural emollients and vitamins that help soothe the skin in this harsh summer season!

3. Veda Essence Avocado Peppermint Tea Tree Vit-E Soap (125 g for INR 210)

This soap is the first I will be using from Veda Essence. I have had an opportunity to get my hands on any thing Veda Essence yet from any of my subscription bags. This soap is good for all skin types and let me tell you that it does smell amazing. The main ingredients are Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm & Avocado Oil, Avocado Extract, Cocoa Butter, Vit E, Tea Tree & Peppermint Essential Oils… Does this soap need any more description?

4. Banjara’s Pure Herb Hibiscus Powder (100 g for INR 90)

This hair powder is all Hibiscus and nothing else. It is great to make the hair softer, controlling hair fall, and making them appear more fuller. Hibiscus is known for its hair growing properties, but I honestly didn’t get a chance before now to try this out. Now that I have got my hands on it, I will give my hair the much needed rescuing!

5. Banjara’s Milk Multani Orange Face Wash (50 ml for INR 40)

This is a soap-free face wash with moisturizers and anti oxidants which can help get rid of sun tan over time, and also the ill effects of pollution, leaving a radiant skin and a fresh feel. Key Ingredients include Multani Mitti, Orange Peel Powder.

6. OGX Niacin & Caffeine Shampoo and Conditioner

This looks like a one time use sachet, depending on the length of your hair, I know I can’t make two uses out of it. The product claims to strengthen your hair and combat hair fall. It gives the hair a balancing blend with cooling effect and minty smell.. will try and let you know?

Overall Verdict – Right from the packaging, to the bag, to the products and the overall presentation, this bag deserves commendation for all the efforts they have made to put this bag together. I can imagine the hard work that the curators must have gone through putting all the products together. This bag is worth every penny spent. I totally advise all the beauties to head over to ZoBag to order this newly launched beauty subscription bag for not only you, but also your mom!

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  1. I admit This is a perfect kit for a beautiful mother😍😍 Im in love with your collections❤️

    1. Hey! This bag was just launched! You can check out the details on the blog and also check out link to buy! Thanks for stopping by hun!! <3

    1. Mrinalini, this is an amazing bag you could invest in! Do try it out and let me know your take on it! XOXO

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