My First ever GloBox – My take on the GloBox experience

Hey Loves!

So.. I went ahead and ordered my GloBox this month, and I am pretty impressed with their quick service! I placed the order on 17th of October, and I received the package yesterday! Brownie points for fast service 🙂

I ordered for a single month. I wanted to try them out before I actually invested in it. Its the same as testing the waters in the pool before you actually dive in. So here is my take on it.

What is GloBox?
It is a monthly beauty subscription box with 4-6 beauty and skin care products. When you sign up you are given a link where you can answer basic skin and hair questions and also make a note of your preferences. I love the fact that importance is given to the skin needs.

A brown box made with love and also a lot of hard-work went into making sure all the things reached me intact. The box on the top was damaged a bit but nothing was ruined inside. Everything came bubble wrapped – loving it! The packaging is *thumbs up*. There is a contest for the brown box. You can check out the details here.

img_4318 img_4320

GloBox customized the box as per my answers and here is what I got-

1. Soulflower Essential Oil Tea Tree (15ml – INR 450)

The first product is my holy grail for skin problems. I have tried using the Body Shop Tea Tree Essential oil for my acne breakouts and it gives me quite a relief. I am glad that I got this product! Tea tree oil is amazing not only for your skin but also for your hair and is a natural antiseptic! Here I got it for the beauty concern of Dandruff.. Well, I might end up using it exclusively for the skin anyway. I love its smell.


2 Fuschia Hydrating Face Gel Lavender (100gms – INR 450)

I haven’t yet used this product, it is a beautiful lavender coloured gel and I don’t feel like sticking my fingers in to use it..It’s sooooo pwettyyy! 🙂 and it smells heavenly! The ingredients are Aloe Vera, Rosemary Oil, Calendula Flower Extract, Vitamin E, Lavender OIl and Arnica Oil. This gel is to be applied evenly on the face and you need to wash it off with plain water once it is dry. Here I got it for beauty concern of Acne and  I hope its good for my combination skin though. Will try it and get back to you.

img_4330 img_4332

3.Oriflame Fabulous Fuschia  (2.5g – INR 199)

Hmm.. not much I would like to say about this..as it is just not my colour. I am more into browns, mauves and nudes, and Fuschia is just not my colour. In the note it is mentioned that it is “as you like” but I think I remember writing in the special comment box that I don’t prefer pinks or anything as bright as this shade atleast. Either way, it will be a part of a give away that I might have soon.. So, the product is okay, it’s just not my colour.


4. MUA Blusher Shade 4 (2.4g – INR240)

This is a beautiful shade of pink. I love MUA products and I own quite a lot of them.  MUA’s Shade 4 add subtle hints of pale pink to your skin making it appear lively. A girl can never own too much make up! And this is definitely a purse friendly size and will be a part of my hand-bag make up pouch. Plus point for this GloBox.

img_4344 img_4346

5. Tea Treasure Sleep Solves Everything (25gms – INR 150)

So along with beauty, GloBox pays attention to beauty wellness too! I like! This is a caffeine free tea that is good for the hair and skin! It also is a good relaxant and can help ease the menstrual cramps. So it’s a win-win tea. The ingredients are Chamomile, Lavender, Lemon Grass. Gotukula. So I might give this a try when the Aunty Flo arrives! 😀


A monthly GloBox costed me INR 799/-. The total worth of the products I got about INR 1489/- which is more than what I paid for. Plus, I got full sized products! So that’s definitely a great thing!


Mommy Rating: I love the contents of the box. The lipstick is the only thing I didn’t like, only because it’s not my shade. So.. keeping that in mind, I would rate this months GloBox- 4.8/5

I am definitely subscribing for the box next month! If you want to order your GloBox, go here

So what did you all get in the October GloBox? Do let me know!


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