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My Fig-O-Honey Cloth Diapers- Review!

Hello Lovely Mommies!

Hope you are all doing AWESOME! We have been away for quite some time now, due to personal commitments and we missed you! Hope we were missed as well!! Moving on, post having a child I have become extremely obsessive about getting the right supply of products, which is usual for us new moms, and diapering is something that needs our utmost attention! Don’t you think so too?

My son has a very sensitive bottom which gets irritated pretty easily and ends up in rashes that won’t go away despite the best of my efforts! Having tried the best of diaper brands, which proved of no help to the sensitivity, I decided to make a switch to CLOTH DIAPERS, and there’s no looking back since!

Our traditional cloth diapering system was pretty close to getting extinct when disposable diaper brands gave our “PHA-LEES or LANG-OATS” a run for their money, when they provided mothers the ease of use and throw, than wash and re-use!! But, they are back with a bang as mommies are becoming extremely conscious and also are taking steps towards eco-friendliness!!!

My Fig-O-Honey was generous enough to send across two of the most adorable looking diapers for my sunny bunny and you need to keep reading to find out what I think about these!

About My Fig-O-Honey Cloth Diapers

Fig-O-Honey cloth diapers are eco-friendly, reusable, gentler on the baby’s skin and gentler on the environment. We are passionate about cloth diapering and believe in keeping cloth diapering accessible and affordable by providing world class, high quality products at unbeatable prices.

About Pocket Diapers From Fig-O-Honey

Fig-o-honey one-size pocket diapers are reusable, eco-friendly, affordable and include one cloth diaper and an absorbent insert. They’re waterproof, washable and the adjustable snap buttons allow the diaper to be adjusted to a growing baby, from a newborn to a toddler.

Price: INR 499 for one diaper

My Experience with My Fig-O-Honey Cloth Diapers:

So, I received two of these absolutely cute looking diapers from My Fig-O-Honey, one is Dinosaur Print One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper, which is peachy coral and has the most adorable dinosaurs printed all over in different colors! The other one is received is a Lion Print One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper in white with Lion faces all over. The prints are truly a treat to the eye, that look oh-so-adorable and you will just not be able to take your peepers off them! My son instantly fell in love with these; it was like LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!! The diapers are designed to fit babies perfectly, all thanks to the snap buttons instilled in the front that help you adjust the diaper according to the size of your baby! The diapers come with one reusable micro fiber absorbent insert that can be washed and reused multiple times! Also, these are super absorbent and keep the baby’s bottom dry for up to 2 hours and prevent any elastic marks on the skin!

Coming down to the material of the Fig-O-Honey cloth diapers, they are extremely soft and airy and let the baby’s little bum breathe, keeping it free of rashes due to the constant flow of air! This is generally not the case with disposable diapers as they do not allow passage of air, causing friction further resulting in rashes! The outer packaging apart from being super cute is leak-proof too, which prevents any poop-slposion from the sides of the diaper!!  After using these cloth diapers by Fig-O-Honey for a good month, I can vouch that my baby’s bottom has been rash free, as these are changed immediately when wet, unlike disposable ones which are changed every five to six hours! I tend to give him a nappy change every two hours! I have found that with these diapers, my son doesn’t cringe when he has pooped, which he usually does with the disposable ones! Happy Baby= Happy Mommy!

Moving ahead, the brand claims these diapers to be eco-friendly which is TRUE! Even though, disposable diapers are a super convenient option, when thrown away they take a lot of time to decompose and damage the ground water by contaminating them with viruses and bacteria! It is the contrary with cloth diapers, as they might require a bit of your time and adequate supply of water, they are not damaging to the environment! Coming to the price point, the My Fig-O-Honey diapers are one of the most affordable cloth diapering range available across India, and they are a one-time investment. They can be used several times, which makes it a very smart choice. Cloth diapers in comparison to Disposable Diapers save up to 60 percent of your money!

Mommy Likes:

♥ Cutesy Pacakging

♥ Keeps bottom rash free

♥ Eco-friendly

♥ Cost-effective

♥ Soft Material

♥ Keeps baby airy

♥ Reusable

♥ Leaves no elastic marks

♥ Absorbent

♥ Affordable

Mommy Dislikes:

⊗ Available at online stores

⊗ Needs to be washed

⊗ Requires time and effort

Overall, the My Fig-O-Honey diapers have been a great cloth diapering experience and I highly recommend them to all mommies trying to make a switch to cloth diapers from the disposable ones! It might take you a bit of time to get into the flow, but these are awesome for starters as they fit your budget perfectly and give you the ease of trial and error to test the water before you decide to take a plunge.

Mommy Rating:  4.8/5

You can buy these diapers here:

or you could check out their Instagram handle: @myfigohoney

14 thoughts on “My Fig-O-Honey Cloth Diapers- Review!

  1. They have an amazing range of printed diapers and plus they are so Baby friendly! Thanks for sharing about them.

  2. These diapers look soo soo cute! I am loving them! And when they r equally useful, what can stop one from buying them

  3. how I wish cloth diapers were so easily available when my kiddos were younger… these are so cute and surely helps to keep it as natural as possible for the tender baby’s skin

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