Being a mommy is not EASY, it’s the most heart-wrenching, guilt inducing, absolutely wonderful, exhausting yet rewarding experience every woman has ever- or probably will ever have!! It does come with its set of ups and downs and as mommies, we are all focused on the hardships that motherhood brings, but when we sit down to think about all the beautiful things it has got us; you know how blessed you are!! We list down the cutest things you’ll experience as a mommy and why all the struggle looks so worthwhile at the end of the day!!

1. Those tiny feet and little hands. I love the quote ” His little hands stole my heart and his little feet ran away with it….”

2. Unexpected cuddles and kisses that are priceless!

3. Saying words that have no sense at all;  yet sound really cute.

4.  Showing off those baby bellies that hang out without no shame!

5. Farting in public without embarrassment and laughing over it! (some babies get scared with their own fart :p).

6. That beautiful smile and look they give right after being scolded, trying to win us over, and they do !

7. Being fascinated by the weirdest of things; i.e. ceiling fans, lizards, cockroaches, spoons!

8. Realizing where you are going wrong after they mimicked you and it wasn’t very flattering!

9. Secret whispers in your ears which are not so secretive as they are said out super loud!

10. To understand what it is to love another person unconditionally!

11. To be the world to someone

12. Making someone happy by just hugging them

13. Flawless skin and oh-so-soft tresses

14. Lashes no falsies can mimick!

15. Watching them play, learn and grow.

16. Little people who work like older people, much better I’d say!

17. Loving someone to the point where their vomit on your bare hands, doesn’t make you go “ewwwww”.

18. Peek-a-boo is the best game ever!

19. Tiny little creatures who love you despite all your fluff/fat, they don’t care what shape you have!
20. It is the only form of unconditional love where they don’t judge, don’t talk down upon, they don’t fight, they don’t get upset, they don’t get angry, they only know how to LOVE and that’s what they teach us too!
Mommy-hood is the best phase of your life, it will bring out a number of emotions that we never knew existed and it is definitely the most amazing feeling! Cheers to motherhood and all the great things it brings along! It’s a tough journey but with all the cute experiences it puts us through, it’s all worth it! So, what are the cutest things you’ve experienced as a mommy?
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  1. What an amazing blog 😘😘 Really 💋💋 It took my heart away 💕 Cutest things the babies do 😍😍 Lovely 10/10 for this one 👍👍

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