Hello Lovely Mommies!
A very HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL YOU BEAUTIFUL MOMMIES OUT THERE! Motherhood is a huge responsibility which is both tiresome and blissful! It stretches you to a point where you think you might break yet keeps you getting stronger each day! It is something that teaches you a lot of things and help you grow as days pass by! I am not the same person i used to be before having a baby; mommy-hood has changed me profoundly. Its difficult to describe the lessons life teaches you after becoming a mom; unless you experience it!
So here is a list of 10 things I’ve learnt;

1. Sleep is more of a gift than a necessity!! Deep down that sleep deprived tunnel, three hours of good sleep is a gift and more than three is a blessing!

2. With kids, patience is necessary! Even though, its hard to keep your cool at times, its always a good idea to breathe and count to ten before you burst out!!

3.  I always went by the quote “Go with the flow”; however this has taken a whole new plunge after having a child! Nothing goes as planned and its always going to be the other way around. “Expect the unexpected” is the whole new quote to swear by! Yes, its important for our sanity!

4. Supermoms don’t exist! Thank god I finally learned the truth!!! And they don’t have to exist either, you could be a great multi-tasking mom however; a super mom who never gets tired is beyond reach!!
5. I’m more tolerable of imperfection I see in myself and the others around me. Perfection doesn’t exist in the mommy-world, because mommy-hood doesn’t come with a book of rules or a set of do’s and don’ts! Sometimes its good to break the norm; and its wise to believe that being less than perfect is totally fine!

6. Caffeine is now officially my best friend!! A sip of coffee or tea is now essential to get me through the day!

7. Pony tails are are saviour for those nasty mornings; shows that you actually put in time to get ready!! This is when you are running late or if you have a cranky kid who just doesn’t let you do anything!

8.Kids are our mirrors who teach us new things and help us become a  better person everyday. No judging, pure love and  so much positivity! Its nice to see yourself grow!

9. A hot shower has become such a necessity that I just cannot do without it, its gives me that spa like feeling where I get to spare 10 minutes to myself without any interruptions!

10. My life is never going to be JUST MINE anymore because I have my strings attached to the ones I’ve brought into this world and all my decisions,everything will be made taking them into account ALWAYS! Its good to see how a little being puts so much trust in you and loves you beyond boundaries!

Mommy-hood has always and will continue to teach us new lessons in regard to selflessness, love, patience, compassion, charity, humbleness and empathy everyday!! And if you wish to, you will be able to ace it one day and help you become what you wanted to one day! Isn’t it all worth it st the end of the day??
What are the lessons mommy-hood has taught you??

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18 thoughts on “#MommyMondays – 10 THINGS THAT MOMMY-HOOD TEACHES YOU!

  1. Nicely written. You have made me nostalgic of those days of my first motherhood. It was a difficult but sweet time a mom can never forget.

  2. Every mother has a different bond with his or her kid and completes the beautiful journey from the 9th months delivery till the kid grows up as an adult. I’ve seen my friends going through this phase closely. One more thing to add here would be missing hubby, u spend so much of time in kids that you hardly get time to talk wid ur hubby at times. P. S. I’m not a mommy yet 😂😉 love the way u’ve explained stuff especially the sleep deprived, I have a current friend who hardly sleeps. I wonder how you mommy bloggers manage and blog such amazing things too.

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