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#MommyMonday: Top 10 Hacks To Make Your Life As A Mommy Simpler

Hey Mommies,

Life takes a 360 degree turn when you step into the world of mommies! You have got lots of things to do with your little on always at your side. Having a new-born baby is a CRAZY ride. If you are a new mommy and confused ..then stop here…you are at the right place, because I am going to talk you through 10 hacks that will make your life simpler 🙂 so you can focus more on kisses and cuddles than worrying about every little and new things that will come your way!!

1. Your baby pooped all over his onesie?? Utilize the flaps!: Yes, if you have just faced a drastic poop-splosion. Then use the side flaps on your baby’s onesie to slip it down his body, yes those flap are designated for the purpose of saving your life when your baby’s diaper is exploding with lots of poop and to avoid getting poop where you don’t want poop! I hope that made sense! LOL!

2. Save time by placing a new diaper beneath the older one: This hack saves you time and fuss. While changing your baby, clean them off with wipes and put them in the old diaper, wrap it up and throw it out-of-the-way! The new diaper is set and waiting to be wrapped around. Saves you against the race of being peed on!

3. Cycling to relieve gas: If your babe is often crying over gas problems. Then playfully bicycle his legs while they are lying flat on the ground. Knee to elbow, elbow to knee! One of the best things you could do for a gassy baby!

4. Zippers are in, swaddling is history: Yes, swaddling is long gone as it takes time and some babies are to fussy to be swaddled. Try investing in sleeping pouches with zippers, as they keep the baby warm and also keep you from waking up through the night to check the baby getting undone!

5. Avoid keeping your baby up for more than an hour: It may be really tempting for you to keep your baby up, so he sleeps well through the night. It’s not true! Your baby needs tons of sleep and after about ninety minutes of staying up he is going to be super cranky and irritated. You don’t want that!

6. Nap while your baby sleeps: This is a great hack to follow in the first year of having a child. Instead of worrying about how you are going to run errands or how long your baby is going to sleep.. Just lie by them and nap. Your sleep deprived tunnel does need that bit of rest. Try it, you will not regret it!

7. Feeding your baby while they are awake is a wise thing: Like all humans need energy to get them through the day, babies need it too! So, feed when they are up so they are active in their awake time. Don’t use feeding as a tool to put them back to sleep!

8. Use a laundry basket during their play time: Babies that crawl often give mommies a really hard time. So keep their toys handy by using a laundry basket for babies who can sit up. This keeps them sitting in one place allowing you to finish your pending work. A great thing to do while you are cooking!

9. Wake your baby up by changing their diapers: if you have tried everything to wake your little monster up; the best thing to do is let some air touch their bare skin either by changing a diaper or opening their onesie. They will wake right up! 😀

10. Put the baby to sleep with some background noise: One of he reasons why your baby doesn’t sleep much is because he is used to sleeping in a calm environment free of noises. He is a light sleeper because you didn’t get him used to all the sounds. Try using white noise apps or a standing fan to get him used to noises while sleeping!

Hope this helped all you new mommies who are confused and tiring yourself up just to be the best at everything! Sometimes taking the easy way out helps!
So, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below! ♡



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