#MommyMonday: Life as a new MOMMY- From being a carefree birdie to a full time mom!!

Hello Beautiful Mommies,

Motherhood is bliss! Don’t you agree? It gives you a whole new reason to smile, to cherish and to love! It gives you one reason to cry and a million reasons to be happy about! But when they say motherhood isn’t easy- they MEAN IT! It doesn’t come naturally, you gradually sink into the feeling while adjusting with your bundle of joy! I have a seven month old son by the way and being new in the Mommy-sphere I can vouch that things change, you change when you have a baby, who depends on you completely… Who is yours to take care of.. To nurture..and to give him the best in life!!!


How did it feel?

The feeling when I held him first was beautiful and irreplaceable! Nothing has ever felt that great ever! He was a beautiful baby boy, just the way I wanted! 🙂 I loved him from the very first sight! <3 Being a mommy changes you for the better! 🙂 Having a child is different from the many things life has in store for you and God has planned for you and one of the best I’d say!!! Becoming a mommy meant I couldn’t be the carefree birdie that I used to be, I had to be more responsible- a newer and improvised version of myself!

What changed?

Well, everything came in as a happy surprise; but never did i expect my life to change so drastically! I wish someone told me, but maybe it was harder for people to explain how mommy-hood brings in a chain of emotions; just like a roller coaster ride but its still AWESOME!
What I have learnt?

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1. Never doubt your parenting abilities: Yes, there will be times when you will doubt yourself as a parent; its an entirely new thing for you as well; don’t beat yourself up. Get to know your child, give both you and him some time to adjust!


2. You will end up fighting with your hubzy: Well, happens with me all the time! You are both going to end up fighting over everything from the bath water to the baby’s sneezes. And you might even want to kill each other sometimes but that’s completely normal. Every new parent thinks likewise as well.


3. Pre baby mood swings wont go away: If you thought that those mood swings you dealt with throughout nine months will go away when your baby arrives. You are wrong! You will still be irritable because you are exhausted and adjusting to a whole new atmosphere. There will be times when you just cry while laughing as quick as you change your baby’s diaper. It happens. And its normal.


4. Good sleep is history: Panda eyes will be your new BFFs; you will have to keep waking through the night to feed or change diapers or there maybe days when your little one is in no mood to sleep. Congrats to all the exhaustion that comes in the next day of no sleep!

So, what do you think changed in your life after becoming a mom? What does it feel like? What do you wish other people told you before your bundle of joy arrived 🙂 Tell us in the comments below 🙂 We love reading them 😉


Lots of Love,
BeautyMommies ♡

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