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#MommyMonday – 5 Common Breast Feeding Myths Busted!

So, this month is all about breast feeding and we have exclusively scheduled our Monday posts to getting more information about the breast-feeding – So here I have listed a few breast-feeding myths that mommy’s should know are total myths and we can do without all that pressure

  1. Β Small breasts – lesser milk supply: So you must have heard people actually looking at your breasts and say, they are too small – your baby must not have a fully fed tummy ! *rolls eyes* This is an absolute myth – you know why? Β the milk supply is based on how much your baby nurses and your body responds to it by producing more milk. It is as simple as that. Don’t worry if your breasts are small – be assured your baby is well fed.

  2. Eat less spicy food- the milk will have all that you eat : I sit on the fence with this – some say that eating cabbage and broccoli can make your child colicky or gases, while most others say that you should eat everything so that your baby doesn’t develop any allergies later on. I, in fact, ate everything under the sun – because breast feeding makes you hungry – of course, I didn’t have very spicy food-because I don’t eat spicy food! but yes, I didn’t face any issues with any of my three kids as such – so I vote this as a myth – FOR ME πŸ˜€
  3. Feed like a clockwork so that your baby gets enough food: I believe every baby has his/her own feeding routine, so we should just not limit ourselves to feeding every 2 hours – just know your baby’s signs and demand feed if needed. Your baby might prefer 3 hourly feed over 2 – your baby will be your best guide – just look for the signs!

  4. Breast feeding changes the shape of your breasts: I completely disagree with this- Yes, our breasts change a lot during breastfeeding – but the shape is changed more when we are pregnant than when we are breast feeding. In fact I feel that our breast feeding routine eventually brings our breasts back in shape- as the milk produced by our breasts uses up the fat that is collected all over our body during pregnancy – mostly breasts. So NO, breast feeding does not change the shape of our breasts.
  5. Don’t need to nurse when you are sick: All of us get under the weather at some point or the other – but that shouldn’t stop us from feeding our baby – in fact – stopping breast feeding might give your body a chain reaction – like you can have engorged breasts- and when you have engorged breasts – you will face a lot of difficulties – I know that when I faced engorgement – I used to have fever and chills. Just rely on baby safe medications and continue breast feeding . There is nothing wrong with you being sick and feeding your child.

With each baby you have, you have new experiences- no breast feeding experience is same, no pregnancy is the same. Expect the unexpected – but always follow your instincts and signs from your baby to make the process of breast feeding a lot easier! I loved bonding with my kids during breast feeding, and I am sure, every mother does too, irrespective of the challenges every mother faces while breastfeeding!

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41 thoughts on “#MommyMonday – 5 Common Breast Feeding Myths Busted!

    1. We have older generation of people who try to impose a few things – out of love and not ignorance – it is us who should try to wean them out of this myth-imposing! πŸ™‚

  1. This is such a beautiful lovely post for new moms. I really liked the way you busted these myths associated with Breastfeeding.
    Colicy & Tummy troubles even I heard many times from family – my MIL never gave me anything creates gas or tummy upset. Lovely informative post.

    1. Thanks Dipika – we all have older generation of people who try to impose a few things – out of love and not ignorance – it is us who should try to wean them out of this myth-imposing! πŸ™‚

  2. Never these things are just a myth, even I followed some of these when I breastfed my baby. Thanks for sharing.

    1. old-midwives tale – some by personal experience – but yes – what you go through – might not be the same for others – so I think it is best that you rule out each and every thing as a myth or not as per your own experience πŸ˜€

  3. I can relate to a lot of points because when I started breastfeeding I was quite told all these points as well but I’m so glad I did not hear them ! as I have my mother who was totally against these. So-called facts

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