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Matrika’s Journal for a Creative Woman – The Dreamer

Journals have been a part of my life since I remember. In fact I think it is this journal writing that helped me develop the love of writing! I have filled pages and pages pouring my heart out and writing things which will forever unpublished. But I guess Journals are a girls best friend, because they know what you are about, and what makes your world go around. I have always been a writer.. I have always been the one to turn back to my journal irrespective of how tech-savvy I have been.. I just can’t keep my self from doodling all over the place, I just can stop myself from penning down random quotes, making a to-do list, making all the other lists.. and I am glad I am getting the opportunity to try out the Matrika’s Creative Woman Journal to keep my thought flow intact..

I had participated in the “Scribble your heart away….” Campaign 2 and was sent this gorgeous journal .

About Matrika’s :

The name Matrika’s derives from the Sanskrit word for “MOTHER”, denoting the powerful energies.

In donning this name, we take inspiration from the creative energies aiding in the process of ideation, innovation and expression. Validating the name through attributes, our range of Paper Products presents you with the premium space to stimulate your mind and unleash your creative best. Our range includes exquisitely designed and Diaries, Products that you would love as much to just hold on to as to flaunt.

We take pride in directing our creativity towards building custom niches for others to be creative in!

Yes, Matrika has truly kept it’s word! Gave a lot of space to help the mind get stimulated and provide it with a platform to showcase a mind’s creativity and at the same time, making sure that there is therapeutic peace given to the person using this journal!

The woman’s journal has four themes:

  1. The Butterfly – To Dream
  2. The Dragonfly – To Fly
  3. The Feather – To Write
  4. The Fish – To Glide

What I loved about Matrika’s?

You know how you always end up making separate books for separate things in life.. Matrika’s doesn’t give me an option to! I love the fact that “all that I love and am passionate about” is given to me in this book. My hours of zentagling and doodling now has its own proper space, and my thoughts which are often written on random pages and stashed away can be safely kept in this beautiful journal.

Features of Martika’s Creative Journal:

I am truly impressed by all that is encompassed in this one journal! Here is the list of all that this journal is all about:

  • Hard bound, four different types of journals for four different kinds of women!
  • A page dedicated to the personal data of the owner, where I have proudly penned down my own name and my important details.. letting people know, this is mine, only mine, you have no business to be nosy beyond this very page 😀
  • Ruled sheets to pen down all that you want, pour your heart out, or plan your day ahead, however you would like these pages to function for you.. know that you will have plenty of pages to jot down all that your heart says, and what you have planned for your days ahead.
  • Doodle sheets for crazy doodlers like me, who just needs a pen and a paper and the paper turns into a doodle fest! I love doodling.. and I am sure I will fill just about every page in this journal, including the ruled sheets with my endless doodles.
  • Adult coloring sheets for those days when you feel like taking your kids colouring books and feel like a kid again. But these sheets provide such therapeutic relief! I am especially loving this bit to the max.. I love colouring!

  • STICKERS!!! Now who doesn’t love stickers! All the stickers do have a purpose.. something you could want to include in your journal about.. the options are pretty cool I would say..

  • Books to read .. I have an endless list! I am crazy about books.. I have a big list, and I am filling up this page!
  • Places to visit… will write Greece on the top.. followed by many others that I dream of going to..
  • Names and address, when you don’t have your phone on you, or for emergencies, when you have your journal handy!
  • A envelope for safe keeping is attached in the very end.. I am still thinking of what I would want to keep there.. 🙂

  • an elastic band around the book, to keep the book safe, and another one to hold your pen!

    This is a journal ideal for people like me in every way. I love the fact that so much thought was actually put into making this journal! I love, love, loooove how this is such a beautiful creation by Matrika’s stationery! This is a must buy for people who love to dream, to write, who knows that there is no better a friend than a journal that holds whatever thoughts you hold dear to heart, within its own!

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Which Matrika’s Woman’s journal did you get?

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  1. Thank you so much for this blog! I really enjoyed 😻 The book is utterly wonderful💯 I’m in love with it.. ❤️ A beautiful book which stores beautiful stories . 😘 It’s awe

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