Little Secrets that contribute to AMAZING relationships!

Little Secrets that contribute to AMAZING relationships!

No brainer here- Relationships require hard work, dedication and too much love- especially the ones with the love of your life, irrespective of how long you’ve been together!! J  Constant efforts are the key to maintaining a relationship and but sometimes little things really count! J So, here are a few little enigmas that you can make use of to build a happy and healthy relationship with your partner EFFORTLESSLY!!

  • Be lovey-dovey: Sometimes just saying those magical words wouldn’t be enough.  Being affectionate with your partner is very important; it helps your partner feel loved and that you care to show him how much! Kiss him when you can, hold his hand or just give him a hug. These are little things that will make him feel really special!


  • Be Expressive:  Maybe your partner gets upset about you bringing up a few things, but that is a better way than inhibiting things within yourself and bringing them up aggressively. Communicate with your partner in a nice way (without him feeling like he’s being attacked). Even the best of couples go through times where you need to talk it out, it’s normal, just be good and gentle while talking and your issues will surely walk out of the door!


  • Be Supportive: Yes, just like everybody, your partner needs someone who he can depend on when he is feeling low or is stressed, be his support system! Give him the strength and courage to carry on, when he loses hope. Knowing that you are always by his side would make him feel a lot better, especially while he is going through a rough phase! This is a great way to build a strong bond with him!


  • Do what you can: Never ever keep scores of who does what. A relationship is between two people, and when either of you cannot do something for the other, you take a step forward! Never count what you did and what he did or try to prove a point! Do whatever you can from your HEART!
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  • Appreciation matters: Yes, be it any relationship, a little appreciation is needed! No matter how little, you have to appreciate your partners’ efforts, even if it wasn’t something you were expecting out of him!  At least, he did something to bring a smile on your face!


  • Be Forgiving: Yes, every relation should go by the saying “Forgive and Forget” and this implies to both the partners! Keep overlooking tiny mistakes and move on! If you cannot do that, then your relationship would turn out to be a mess! Never hold anger in your heart if you want to be together, let it go! Mistakes are a part of life, and we all make them!


  • Some space is needed: You need to give each other space. You cannot expect your partner’s life to revolve around you all the time! Yes, you need to be the priority but, he needs time with his family and friends too, and maybe there are things that he might be interested in, but doesn’t do them just because you aren’t interested! Give him space!


  • Patience is God: Even though, you may not be the patient types! But relationships demand patience with each other, especially when you are in a fight!


  • Pamper them: We all love being pampered, so does he! Give him little things he likes, or just make him his favorite dinner and he will feel super duper special!


  • Don’t take them for granted: This is the most important thing in any relationship- not taking each other for granted! Spend time with each other as much as you can and do not be complacent!!!


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