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My Name Quest – Let Your Child Be The Hero Of Their Own Story!

I am constantly looking for things that help my children have active imagination. Every kid loves stories, and every kid wants to be a hero of the story. Their active imagination anyway, is all about them being the main protagonist of the story – so why not actually give them something where they ARE THE HERO?!

Ahmed loves colouring – well every child does! and he loves stories too..which every child does too!! There is nothing more precious than seeing your child’s eyes light up with imagination when he is listening to a story! Imagine how awestruck the eyes are when they realize they have a book in their own name, and that too when he is the hero of the story. I got to personally experience that via My Name Quest.

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with MyNameQuest, a personalized storybook for your children. This book is an amazing addition to the reading material I have been collecting for my children. One of the biggest reason why this book is amazing is because there is a fun story and also a fun way to learn how to spell your name..:)

About My Name Quest: 

My Name Quest is a start-up creating personalized colouring storybooks perfect for children aged 2 to 8 years. Made especially for each child, the story involves finding each alphabet of the child’s name upon different colouring adventures for each alphabet.

The storybook is part of a box full of goodies! It comes with crayons to colour in the storybook, a do-it-yourself name banner for the little one relating directly to the story, as well as facts and trivia cards about the elements and colours used in the book, a little bit for the grown ups too.

Where to buy : You can buy a quest on their website – My Name Quest
You will need to put in a few details of your child – like the Name of your child (8-10 letters); Boy or Girl; Outfit Colour; and any personal message that you might want to give – which will be printed on the first page of the story book

Price of My Name Quest : Each My Name Quest is priced at INR 1450/- which in my opinion is very affordable, considering all the things that you get in the box – A small price to pay for letting your child be the hero!

In the box:

The box came wrapped up really pretty, only to be ripped apart by Ahmed, who was curious and excited to see his name printed on the address label. Of course, I managed to do a decent unboxing video for my insta-stories, because I knew that such attention to detail should be thoroughly addressed, and what better a way to do that than by making an Insta-story.

The box has “My Name Quest” written on the top and has a black back – which actually is a chalk board. When you open the box you can see neatly placed crayon box, a personal note, a facts and trivia envelope, and a neatly wrapped chalk piece. There is also a silver coloured ribbon which actually is used to put up a banner – (you will find out more about it as you read on)

The colour box has the child’s name on it – Ahmedullah’s crayon box – I must admit, there is nothing more satisfying that seeing a cute little grin on your child’s face when he sees his name on things.. the crayon box has 24 colours, and yes, he is having fun with all the colours! The chalk is for your child to scribble on the back of the box. The facts and trivia cards have information on different colours and how they effect us on one side, and the other side has description of why the object has the colour. So this indeed is a fun information for both the child and us adults.

The description of the colours in the cards matches the drawings in the book. SO you will know more of why the might Sun is Orange, and why the roses are red and so on… so it is easier for your child to understand why they have to colour the sun orange and so on. The colour co-ordination is pretty amazing! This co-ordination is extended even to the name banner, the material of which is provided at the very bottom of the box. You can see that the orange banner has a supporting sun mini banner, where the Alphabet corresponding to the Sun and orange needs to be stuck on!  Below is the order of the Alphabet, it’s colour and the object:

A- Orange  – The Orange Mighty Sun
H-  Fuschia – Butterflies
M – Crimson- Roses
E – Blue – The Deep Blue Sea
D – Jade – Green Cacti
U – Purple – Purple Fish
L – Yellow – Sunflowers
L – Black – Black Stones
A – Picked up letter A from the colourful Rainbow
H – White – Sheep’s White Wool

How fun was the actual book and it’s activities?

Like mentioned earlier, Ahmed was really excited about just getting his hands on this quest. I wanted him to experience this book as it is supposed to – like an adventure. This was an adventure we took step-by-step. We didn’t rush through it. I made sure that we read the story and do the activity as we proceeded, so it was easier to do the activity. Ahmed was really happy being the LEAD. He just wanted a cape πŸ˜€

I made him colour the pictures as instructed in the book, and also made sure that he understand the concept of coordination by explaining how the colour banner should be matched with the pattern banner, and the colour of the Alphabet – which he patiently complied with and enjoyed.. I even made him weave through the whole banner, so it was quite a learning experience for him and also was a great deal of fun.

Overall Verdict: I am thankful that I was given this opportunity to try My Name Quest with my child. In this busy techno- world, we are all engrossed in our daily worries, that we forget that our children are not getting the childhood that we have. I know that our work and other commitments keep us busy that we do not take the time out for out children.. Books like these contribute to their imagination, while also improving hand-eye coordination and also awareness of different colours and the objects associated with it. The adventure trip is all about going places that we normally don’t go to and finding the Alphabet treasure – It doesn’t matter if there are repeated alphabets in your child’s name – There will be different adventures for different letters!

I personally would like to thank the creators of My Name Quest for putting in all their efforts into creating a beautiful story book for my child. This book truly reflects all of your hard work and your efforts for all the little details. This post many not even justify the actual product.. words fail me, as this is absolutely perfect .. Sorry this post came in a little late, but I really wanted my child to complete the whole quest before I put up a post.. and for the Team MY NAME QUEST – This picture will definitely make your day πŸ™‚

Mommy rating : 5/5

P.R Sample, but the review is 100% mine and very heart felt!

18 thoughts on “My Name Quest – Let Your Child Be The Hero Of Their Own Story!

  1. Awwww this personalised story book sounds so good. A very good present for kids who love to read and color. Thank you for the Info. My son who is 2.5 just loves reading and making up stories.

  2. This is such an amazing box and definitely so affordable if you compare it with the stuff that comes inside

  3. Wow, this seems to be really good!
    I’m sure my twins would love this!!!
    Your sons so cute πŸ™‚ Mashallah

  4. Thats really an amazing box for kids. Your son seems so happy to have this all. This box really have much to give them happiness. Nice way to learn kids about all the colours and where these colours are used in our daily surrounding. Can be best gift for kids. Thanks for reviewing such cute box

  5. Wow, this looks like so much fun. Customized book sounds so great. I am pretty sure he would be so happy to glance through it.

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