Lady Raga’s Majestic March Bag

Hello divas…

Hope all is well with everyone? Well I am turning out to be quite a subscription box/bag addict now.. my latest  indulgence is with Lady Raga.. I have seen so many great reviews of the different Chic bags that Lady Raga sends every month, and I have been curbing my desire to invest in yet another subscription service… but weekends make me want to SHOP! and I just went ahead and took their silver subscription worth Rs 666/-

The Brand:

Lady Raga is a monthly subscription bag which sends you not only makeup but also jewellery! It is a great treat for people like me who are crazy about subscription bags 😛

The Bag:

The Majestic March Bag is an awesome makeup pouch, you can use it conveniently while travelling, putting all your stuff in one place. It is a bright pretty sight! The yellow and green is just pleasing to the eye! I love the fact that the bag is BIG and I can store a lot of things 🙂

The Products: 

So here is what I got in this months Lady Raga Bag:

  1. Wet ‘n’ Wild Lipstick – Shade 906D Wine Room (INR 859/-)
    A beautiful wine everyday wear shade, which can compliment just about every woman of every complexion. This is a 3.3g lipstick. I love how it becomes me. I own a lot of Wet ‘n’ Wild lipsticks and the only thing I don’t like about these lipsticks is that they tend to get smeared while trying to uncap/cap the lipstick.. The shades however are gorgeous and I just LOVE the brand!
  2. MUA MakeUp Academy Blusher – Shade 1 (INR 240/-)
    So, since I made the purchase, I have been checking out ALL the popular YOUTUBERS online, who have subscribed to the LadyRaga bag, and wanted to know what all they were getting. I was sure I was going to get an MUA blush..  I already own the shade 4 in the MUA Blusher and was hoping crazily that I would get another shade… and that I DID! This is a beautiful pink shade and is 2.4 g and I am loving this bag already!
  3. Neesh EAU De Parfum Zaafran-E-Hind (INR 340/-)
    I am not someone who likes strong scent. But I guess I have a different opinion about this beautiful smelling Neesh Eau-De-Parfum! The name is just so traditional.. Zaafran-E-Hindustan.. it has high notes of exotic smell of Saffron! .. Zaafran is Saffron .. but I guess I just cannot do proper description justice to this beautiful parfum! This is a 20 ml and AHMAZING!!
  4. Majestic Earrings (INR 449/-) 

    The earrings are gorgeous… as you can see.  Beautiful light green stones and beautifully set, but two stones are missing!! that’s such a disappointment from everything that was going good with the bag! Well, I found one stone in the bag, and one is still missing,.. 🙁

  5. Surprise gift – Bella Pierre Cosmetics Eyeshadow pot – Shade 104 Sea same (INR-??) 

    Yes, Lady Raga sends surprise gifts! So I got this beautiful Eyeshadow pot by Belle Pierre! It’s a pretty golden powder!! I thought that this could have been doubled up as a highlighter, but the product is tooo pigmented to be used as a highlighter!

    Mommy Verdict:
    All in all, I love the bag.. I was just disappointed with the earrings.. but I guess I will have to make do with it.. I got makeup worth over INR 1500 and earrings worth INR 449 for INR 666/-! Not to forget a trendy bag!! This is a great deal! If you are looking for beauty and fashion, Lady Raga is your best option!

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