How to take care of your skin while travelling!

All of us love travelling; however, the time spent in flight could be hectic and unappealing! Your skin tends to undergo a lot of havoc in airplanes due to the enclosed and stuffed space with a lot of other people! The humidity levels are low, which causes the skin to get dehydrated and dull.  Also, some people do not sleep while on a flight, which makes the eyes look dull and tired by the time you land! So, before you take your next flight, make use of the following tips, to look as fresh as a daisy as you walk out the plane because all of us certainly cannot experience travelling in private jets like the Kardashians! 😉

  1. Your under eye area is really sensitive and that is the only part on the face that does not create moisture by itself. Due to the low humidity in planes, the area tends to get even drier! Use a rich eye cream to keep the area hydrated and moisturized, so you look glowing and refreshed throughout the flight!
  2. Face mists are a great way to refresh your skin while travelling! Many celebrities swear by this trick while travelling to keep the skin moisturized in the dry airplane environment! Face mists help in revitalizing and refreshing your complexion. If you are wearing make-up on flight, you could use mists over them.
  3. It is advised to use minimal makeup on your skin while flying to prevent your skin from drying out! Flying with a full face of make-up can be terrible on your skin. Go for a lighter base, which can be retouched as you are landing! Makeup that illuminates the skin while having anti-aging properties is great!
  4. Moisturizers play a very important role when it comes to skin-care. Keep layering a moisturizer while you are flying up in the sky, your skin will remain hydrated and glowing! Hand creams are very important too, so is a lip balm. Your hands and lips need the much needed TLC as your face!
  5. Being up in the air, you are a lot closer to the harmful sun rays! If you get the window seat, close the shutters! If there are other people near the window seat, you will not have the authority to close the shutters, so it is best to keep a sunscreen handy, and re-apply it every two hours! This way, your skin will be sun-safe.
  6. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times! Buy yourself a water bottle once you are done with your security check, so that you can drink water throughout the flight! The plane air is really dry and drinking water is a great way to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized inside-out!!
  7. After a long and hectic flight, we are all fed up of sitting all cramped up in one position. The hair tends to get a lot of static and frizz and is difficult to work with. So, it is good to carry around a hair serum or oil to make the hair much manageable, smooth and shiny! You could also just tie your hair up in a scarf!
  8. Face masks could be a great savior if your flight is really long! Sheet masks are a great fix, as they are hydrating and lightweight and would not make you look like you just fell head first into a birthday cake!


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