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How to take care of your children in the SUMMER!

Hello Mommies!

Let’s get our facts straight for the summer, it is not going away for another two months, and it should just not let it get in the way of well being of children… the summer heat is scorching and the heat wave is already getting crazy with temperatures soaring as high as 41 C already! Children are a bundle of energy, but you should ensure that they remain energetic throughout the Summer. So being a mommy of three, and an informative post for my sister, who has a boy who is going to turn one, I am listing out a few tips that can help children of any age above 12 months to comfortably deal with the summer.

  1. I have made it a practice with my children, “DRINK WATER”. I have told them to remind everyone around the house to keep sipping on water. It is extremely important to stay hydrated in the summer, as everyone tends to sweat too much during it. I would suggest not only water, but juices, oral hydration drinks and coconut water. All of these would help a great deal in keeping you and your children hydrated!


  1. Try keeping your children indoors around noon till about 4 pm.  This is when the sun is at the highest point and can make your children sick. Since it is summer, all the children have their summer break, so they might not really enjoy their time indoors, but make sure that you arrange for plenty of stuff for them to play indoors. Encourage arts, or board games. It can make the time pass quickly than you can imagine.


  1. Of course you might not always be successful in keeping your children inside, so when they do leave the house, PLEASE make sure that you smear them with child safe SUNSCREEN! Because sunburns can be quite painful for children. Try to re-apply the sunscreen every two hours. and make sure that they are always having their head covered when they are out.


  1. Prickly heat is a real torture! You just begin to feel sorry for your children when you see them suffer with prickly heat. The trick to avoid this problem is to make sure that your children are dressed lightly in preferably cotton wear and also making sure that your child is hydrated. Most of the summer concerns will be at bay if your child is hydrated!


  1. Summers would be no fun without water! Many children would love to splash around in the pool. Try to avoid going to the pool during noon so that your child doesn’t get sun burn or develop ear problems, which can be a common problem in the summers. Try to keep the ears protected so that he or she doesn’t develop ear problems.


  1. Children can use all the care that they can get. They will not understand our reasons to keep them inside, so make sure that you keep your cool and try to make them understand that you are doing this so that they remain healthy and enjoy their summer vacation. I hope these short tips do come in handy for your kids/nieces/nephews.Happy Summer Time Mommies!

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