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Glamisha – Your skin’s new best friend!

Taking proper care of your skin is important, no matter how old or young you are! The younger you start the better it is, nevertheless, you also need to put the right things inside your body. A good diet and right skincare go hand in hand to give you the best skin of your life! The beauty world is huge and there are brands out there that we never knew existed but the products they offer are truly BOMB.COM, and we shall never underestimate the power of an unknown brand…hehe! So let me introduce you to this superb brand “GLAMISHA”, which is relatively new in the beauty market and lesser known, but offering a wide variety of products which are super effective and work as claimed! Doesn’t the name itself say it all “GLAM”!!!! So, we were sent two products by the brand namely “Glamisha Skin Lightening Cream” and “Glamisha Face Lift Cream with Vitamin E”.

Let’s take a quick sneak peek into both the products;


About Glamisha Skin Lightening Cream: Skin Lightening Cream with Kojic Acid Dipalmitate and Arbutin for a glowing, fairer complexion combination of all these ingredients has skin lightening properties, De-pigmentation and much more.

The two main ingredients in this cream that make our skin brighter are, number one- Kojic Acid Dipalmitate and number two- Arbutin.

Moving on to the first one that’s Kojic Acid Dipalmitate, it is mainly used for skin lightening and this is achieved by elimination of the formation of dark spots over your face. It takes away any brown pigmentation marks and lightens the skin. This is an advanced version of Kojic Acid (which is natural) and also supports all skin types.

Next, we have is Arbutin, it is a glycoside that inhibits tyrosinase and thus prevents the formation of melanin. Well, this ‘Tyrosinase’ is an oxidase that is responsible for controlling the production of melanin. Simply put, Arbutin reduces the amount of formation of melanin which is responsible for skin darkening.

Thus, presence of these two ingredients helps us get a fairer skin tone.

Price: INR 975


BUY HERE: Glamisha Skin Lightening Cream

My Take on the Product:  I love the white squeezy tube with green detailing and a black flip top cap behind has all the product details mentioned! The cardboard box mentions all the ingredients packed in the skin lightening cream along with the method of use! The ingredient list is what intrigued me the most, especially KOJIC ACID and ARBUTIN, which are excellent for granting a clear complexion, as the key ingredients! This is paraben-free, which scores a brownie point! I absolutely love the mix of fruity/floral fragrance this product has!

I really wanted a quick fix for the pimple marks on my forehead and chin; which are too stubborn and also, I am too lazy to DIY! So, when this came in I got super excited and started using it right away!! The cream has a pretty thick texture and gets absorbed in really well with a nice massage, as it might leave a white cast if not blended well into the skin! If you are dry skinned or have a combination skin like I do, this cream is definitely for you! Nevertheless, it may feel a bit greasy if you have an oily skin!

Moving ahead with the efficiency, I have been using this for more than two weeks now, and I can say that the texture of my skin has drastically improved, it has not made me fair to be very honest, but has evened out my complexion especially the area around my mouth, but nothing too much!

The pimple marks have gone down pretty much, but I guess it needs a few more uses to completely vanish away! The product is highly effective yet super gentle, making it excellent for everyday use! This does not contain an SPF, so make sure you ban the sun every day before stepping out!

Overall, this is a great product if you are looking for something to reduce any minor imperfections from your face i.e. tan, pimple marks, and uneven skin! I recommend it to everyone, however, please perform a patch test to find out if you are allergic to any ingredients! It gets a big THUMBS UP from my side and I recommend it to all you lovely people!

Mommy Likes:

  1. Simple packaging
  2. Smells good
  3. Easy to spread texture
  4. Lightens marks and tan
  5. Paraben Free
  6. Good for dry/combination Skin
  7. Gentle yet effective

Mommy Dislikes:

  1. Pricey
  2. Available online via mobile site only
  3. Does not contain SPF
  4. Too heavy for oily skin

Mommy Rating: 4/5


Price: INR 970


Buy Here: Glamisha Face Lift Cream

My Take On The Product:

Now, this product was sent to us, but neither I nor my sister needed it really, so we gave this away to our mom and made her use this strictly for two weeks to see if it makes a difference! Anyhow, the packaging is pretty much the same; this one has pink detailing on the squeezable white tube with a flip cap! Basic yet chic are what I call it!

The texture of the cream is semi-thick, neither too thick nor too liquidy and gets absorbed really easily into the skin, giving it that hydrated look and appeal.  The scent is quite mild and does not bother the schnozzles; my mom is in love with how she wakes up to fresh and plump skin each morning! There has not been any lift as of yet, but her saggy skin looks pretty toned, which we all can notice!

All in all, the Glamisha Face Lift Cream is a great product for your mom, aunts and grand moms too as it gives their skin all the TLC it needs and adds brightness to the face with regular usage, as it exfoliates the skin and moisturizes it in a gentle manner, help with shrinking pores and evening out the skin, while also reducing wrinkles, if any.

Mommy Likes:

  1. Works on our mum’s face
  2. Gives an even tone
  3. Helps with pores and wrinkles
  4. Smells good
  5. Skin looks plumper each morning
  6. Moisturizes skin
  7. Nicely packed
  8. Texture is great
  9. Absorbs well

Mommy Dislikes:

  1. Is pricey
  2. Not for younger people
  3. Available online via mobile site only

Mommy Rating:  4/5


You can also visit Glamisha’s Instagram Page to buy the products.


P.S : Products sent for review, but the reviews are 100% original, after testing the products for 15 days minimum

16 thoughts on “Glamisha – Your skin’s new best friend!

  1. Skin lightening cream looks a must try as it has Kojic Acid which is also a key ingredient for medicated creams for the same purpose.

  2. I really liked that you have given such an honest review and mentioned th negatives also. This really helps in making a informed buying decision. I will chk the brand out for sure

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