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Fuschia Green Tea Clarifying Face and Body Scrub Review and Swatches

Hello Beauties!

How are you gorgeous people doing?! I needn’t stress on how much I love Fuschia for their quality of products and the natural ingredients in them that make them worth a steal! I am here with a review of another product from the brand that I currently love called the Fuschia Green Tea Clarifying Face and Body Scrub! This was sent as a PR sample and I have been obsessed with the results it has been showing! Having used this scrub for about a month now, I am ready to share my views on the product, so let’s get to the review!

Price: INR 400

What the company claims about the product: Enriched with catechins, this green tea scrub controls acne breakouts. This scrub not only tones and soothes the skin but also delays fine signs of aging! Free of SLS, parabens, phthalates, artificial tints & synthetic perfumes.

How to Use: Apply the scrub to moist skin and rub it in a circular fashion. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Ingredients:   Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, WheatGerm Oil, Green Tea, Scrub Particles

My Take on the Product:

Because we received this as a PR sample, we got a small circular jar, with about 50ml of product! The original product comes packed in a sturdy transparent jar similar to the Hydrating Face Gel reviewed earlier! The packaging being tiny is extremely convenient to carry around! The scrub has a green color to it with a nice scent that does not bother the schnozzles! Coming down to the texture, this has a very soft and creamy texture unlike usual scrubs which are gritty and a bit harsh on the skin! As the name suggests, it is a clarifying scrub that actually helps clear blackheads and whiteheads; however it does take some time! This also helps tame pimples and acne; however it does not completely banish them! Post usage, my skin feels super soft and squeaky clean. It is one of those scrubs that really gentle on the skin yet works its way to giving you a clearer skin slowly but efficiently!

The product is enriched with the goodness of aloe Vera, wheat germ oil, olive oil and green tea; all excellent for the skin. I cannot really tell you how it works for your body, as I use it only for my face! The results are pretty evident after every use, it can make you face feel a bit sweaty as it has moisturizing properties in it. I make it a point to use it every alternate day or at least twice a week! , I am completely taken over how well their products have been working for me! This may not be the case for everyone, as they did not work as good for my sister! It’s all about your skin type, she has a pretty sensitive skin and that is probably the reason these didn’t do justice to her skin! However, this is just my opinion of the product and I am obsessed with the brand!

Overall Verdict: Having tried a number of products from the brand, I can vouch that they are really worth giving a shot! The Fuschia Green Tea Clarifying Scrub is now a go-to scrub that takes care of my skin woes effectively without being too harsh on the skin! This scrub is mild and gently exfoliates the skin due to the creamy texture! I recommend this to everyone, however, if you have a sensitive skin make sure to perform a patch test prior! Thank you Fuschia Vkare for coming up with products that are chemical-free and deliver what they promise! We love you Fuschia!

Mommy Likes:

  1. Nicely packed
  2. Gentle on the skin
  3. Effectively gets rid of blackheads and whiteheads
  4. Helps with acne/pimples to some extent
  5. Has all natural ingredients
  6. Handmade
  7. Paraben free
  8. Great for every skin type
  9. Moisturizes skin
  10. Skin feels soft and clean post usage

Mommy Dislikes:

  1. Availability
  2. Is moisturizing so tends to make your skin sweaty

Mommy Rating: 4.9/5

P.S: This product was sent as a PR sample, however, the opinions are my own and 100% honest!

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50 thoughts on “Fuschia Green Tea Clarifying Face and Body Scrub Review and Swatches

  1. I’m a great fan of Fuschia products. Once I used this scrub and it works on my skin as well.

  2. The scrub looks very promising but for some reason their moisturiser did not suit my skin type! So I’ve given a miss to this brand ☹️

  3. I like products with green tea. But the after effect of making skin sweat is something I would not prefer. Apart from that, the product sounds really good.

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