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From Sleepless Nights to Restless Days – My Baby Sleeps Peacefully Again!!

Endless sleepless nights, cranky baby, and constant soothing – all sum up to a baby’s discomfort owing to a blocked nose. Even as adults, we get so restless with blocked nose caused by a cold, imagine how helpless a baby feels trying its best to breathe!

I never really thought about it till my baby actually had his first bout of cold, and here came the restlessness and the crankiness that moms often complain about. I wish at that point of time, I had heard all the remedies they were sharing trying to keep their children at ease.. Sadly, I thought, I would handle it when I came to it, and I was as unprepared as I could be, adding to my worry about a sick baby! 

The sniffles started, followed by constant nose rubbing, which I thought would pass, but by the time it was evening, I was beginning to sense the restlessness growing in my baby, which was now making me tense! I didn’t really have any idea until that time, that mouth breathing is what us adults can easily adapt to, but babies are obligatory nose breathers, and any congestion of the nose will not be replaced by mouth breathing like us adults resort to when we have a blocked nose! I thought putting him to sleep  would ease much of his uneasiness, but guess what? A blocked nose robs the essential sleep that a baby needs, to be fresh and active the next day, and the same was the case with my baby, he was even more restless, more so in the night and also during the day! 

No sleep equals to a cranky baby! I had a hard time soothing my baby, trying every trick in the “MOM BOOK” to make sure that I can soothe my now very irate baby! Of course the trick would be to help his stuffy nose, which the cold made even more worse! 

He refused even his feeds/meals.. that added to my worries because I was worried that my child might have dehydration or could get inconsolable with hunger and the blocked nose making everything difficult. 

I was then told about Nasivion by a very dear friend, who also happens to be a pediatrician. One should always consult a doctor before giving any medication to a child. She asked me to buy a bottle of Nasivion Nasal Saline Solution. I was told to instill 2-3 drops / sprays in each in my baby’s nostril 3-4 times daily after tilting his head. It provides relief for good 12 hours and now my baby sleeps peacefully again!!!

That was the first and the last time I saw my baby suffer, and now with a blocked nose I know what helps my baby breathe. A mom is only sane when she knows that her kids are at ease and healthy, and I trust nasal drops completely for providing relief during nasal congestion. This spray being the first line of treatment, is safe and can be used by anyone but if the problem is aggravated then after consulting the doctor, one can opt for Nasivion (Mini) Baby Nose Drops or Nasivion Pediatric (Child) Nose drops depending on the age of the child just like I did. There are options available according to age of the children so make sure that you check out more details on and do check out this really cute video by Nasivion.

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